What Is Document chain (DMS)?

What Is Document chain (DMS)? Complete Guide Review About Document chain.

What Is Document chain (DMS)?

The Document chain is a document management solution, developed especially for the decentralized blockchain. Descriptions as well as hash values of the document files are distributed in the database and can be compared with the document itself later. This allows a tamper-proof confirmation that a document has not been changed since then. Because a blockchain is managed via a decentralized network, to which everyone can join.

A blockchain is a decentralized database in which transaction records follow one another like a chain. In the blockchain, information (= data) are stored as in a history. Information are grouped into blocks of data, and for each block a hash, a digital fingerprint, is calculated. Each new block also contains the hash of the previous block. These hashes connect the individual blocks into a chain.

The important thing is – and that makes the blockchain so valuable to Document chain – that the information subsequently cannot be changed. Because if one information changes, its hash will change, too and the whole chain will break apart. As a consequence, the hashes of all subsequent blocks must be recalculated. And that´s just not that easy.

You too! Each member has a full copy of the blockchain on his computer. This
checks whether the chain is still intact. A new block is only added if all the computers on the network have verified it. Exactly this principle makes the blockchain so safe: Everyone controls everyone.

Document chain Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDocument chain
Short NameDMS
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply21,000,000
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From the Blockchain to the Document chain

Companies must keep important documents in a legally secure manner. The integrity (i.e., completeness and immutability) and authenticity (i.e., confirmation of the authenticity of the data and their unequivocal assignment to the author) of these documents must be maintained beyond the statutory retention period. A challenge that can be handled with the blockchain technology. A contract that is concluded today remains locally on your computer or your company server.

However, the information and the fingerprint (= data) are stored in the document chain – in a well-encrypted data block. At any later date, it can be proved beyond doubt that this contract was in place at the time of its storage. Likewise, a musician can prove that a document with the piece of music written by him or his audio recording already existed at a certain time He can prove the copyright.

Application Programming Interface

The document revision can be carried out directly within the wallet “DMS Core” from version “Dave” or by means of RPC, for example, from a document management system. However, this is not necessary for a document revision. To check whether data is unchanged, it is sufficient to compare a hash value stored with the current hash.

Document chain To ensure the integrity of a document, an electronic fingerprint (hash) of the digital or digitized document is created and written to the blockchain. Thus, at any later time, the fingerprint of the locally archived file can be compared with that stored in the blockchain. If they match, the integrity is unequivocally proven.

The virtual wallet for storing information

To store information into a blockchain, a virtual wallet is needed. It also manages your balance of DMS Coins and allows you to send and receive payments. “DMS Core” is developed as open source software, the source code is available. Document chain To prevent masses of unnecessary data overloading the blockchain, each transaction is costly. This transaction fee is collected in DMS Coins, the project-own cryptocurrency, and distributed to the supporters of the network.


Document chain allows business partners to integrate the verification of documents into their business logic in a decentralized, cost-effective, falsifiable and automated way. DMS is the native currency of the Document. With DMS you authorize transactions on the blockchain of Document and can store document records worldwide accessible and decentralized.