What Is Diviner Protocol (DPT)? Complete Guide Review About Diviner Protocol.

Diviner Protocol

What Is Diviner Protocol (DPT)?

Diviner Protocol aims to build up a met-averse “Diviner Harbor City” to offer users a gamified & diversified prediction marketplace. By using innovative tokenomics ($DPT), utilizing prediction and games. Whilst also combining the best of DeFi and NFTs to create a truly unique and everlasting Gamified Prediction & Play to Earn Ecosystem. Diviner Protocol is committed to becoming the next generation of prediction market, offering users gamified, community-driven and decentralized prediction products.

To solve the problems, Diviner Protocol creatively combine prediction with gamification to provide lossless mechanism, better play ability, consolidated liquidity, gamified strategies and NFT system. The gamified prediction with DeFi can solve the existing issues for prediction market, and bring tremendous benefits to both users and projects. In a word, Diviner Protocol not only removes the penalties for those who lost in the predictions, but also provide users with diversified play2earn gaming ecosystem.

Diviner Protocol Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDiviner Protocol
Short NameDPT
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Diviner Protocol will upgrade the traditional prediction features with DeFi, which can bring users the lossless prediction experience. It has all features as the traditional platforms, but it will be gathered all in a game, so that users have much better experience. Users stake funds to Diviner Vault which will allocate funds to different high APY protocols with specific algorithm, and the yield rewards will be taken as reward pool. Thus, there is no principal loss in the prediction events, and users can supercharge their yields with prediction skills. They allow users to create custom “prediction houses” by holding exclusive NFTs.

In addition to the lossless prediction market, Diviner Protocol will also bring up all kinds of mini play2earn games, such as crash, super leverage, bull or bear, treasure boxes, spin, lottery, etc to enhance the user addictiveness, and meet their diversified requirements. Also, the games can make prediction much more better playable.

Diviner Vault

Users stake collateral assets to Diviner Protocol, and it will allocate users’ funds to different pools for generating stable interests as prediction reward. With the goal of providing the highest reward pool for the prediction events, Diviner Valut is a set of optimized yield farming Smart Contracts that automatically seek the best yield for users. While staking in the Diviner Vault, users can earn “Ticket” rewards in addition to the prediction reward pool. The “Ticket” has plenty of utilities in Diviner Protocol Ecosystem.

Ticket Utilities

  • When users join the prediction, they will get “tickets”. The ticket number depends on how much, and how long users stake funds on Diviner Vault.
  • Stake single token in the vault for 1 day can get ticket rewards.
  • Stake LP token in the vault can get double tickets.
  • After the prediction event is finished, they will calculate all tickets based on the above mechanism, and share the rewards accordingly. For example, if there are 10k tickets in the prediction round, and I get 100 tickets, and I win in the prediction, it means I can share 1% of the winning pool.
  • The tickets are the entrance and principal for Diviner Games, for example, Diviner is developing Classic Mini Games or Play-to-Earn games, and users need to spend tickets to join the games and earn rewards, including DPT, sponsor project tokens, IDO allocation,NFTs etc. Also, in some other prediction games, such as Crash, tickets can be used as principal to join the game.

LaunchPad Initial Game Offering

The Launchpad on Diviner Protocol is dedicated to facilitate the development of gamefi and mate verse landscape. Startups can submit project information to apply for IGO (Initial Game Offering). In the early stage, the Diviner team will serve as the main jury to evaluate the projects and decide whether to list their IGOs. After governance system is listed, the Community Vault will be established and DPT holders will be able to decide whether to list the IGO in the application through governance voting.

In addition to raising capitals for startups through IGO, Diviner Protocol can also provide them with advertising and promotion services in the game. The tokens of startups will also be listed on Diviner Vault and gamers will be allowed to stake the tokens to earn Tickets. All listed startups will be required to pay marketing fees to Diviner Protocol, which will become part of revenue streams of the ecosystem.