What Is Divi (DIVI)?

What Is Divi (DIVI)? Complete Guide Review About Divi.

What Is Divi (DIVI)?

Welcome to the Divi Project documentation repository. This service provides a comprehensive overview of everything in the ecosystem. Use the navigation pane at the left side of this page to select the documentation you would like to read. Technically, yes, it is possible, though not suggested. Many internet services offer dynamic IP addresses or semi-static IP addresses. You must set this IP when following the self-supported master node process. Every time the provider changes the IP, your master node will stop, and you will need to reconfigure.

Master nodes are special peers in the network that serve as a method of securing and verifying transactions. They require a certain number of coins to be allocated to them, and as a reward for supporting the network, they earn additional coins, which are sent to the wallet from which the Master node was deployed.

Divi Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDivi
Short NameDIVI
Circulating Supply2.81B DIVI
Total Supply2,807,007,384
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Security Hygiene Best Practices

Cryptocurrency gives users the power to control their own finances. As with any great power,it must be wielded with great responsibility. Below are some Pro Tips for keeping your personal security hygenic and, most importantly, under your control. This is the result of a larger UTXO that is being reflected by your wallet. Whether it be a staking attempt or some other wallet activity, one of your accounts took part in the output of the transaction. Divi Don’t worry, you didn’t lose or gain anything. It’s just the blockchain acting as it should.

Encrypt your wallet via the Desktop Smart Wallet

Upon first opening the Divi Desktop Smart Wallet ™, you will be prompted to secure your account’s funds with encryption. This is highly recommended and can be done in about 30 seconds. Simply set your password, confirm it, wait for the daemon to restart, and you’re on your way to a more secure crypto user experience. If your computer has an HDD, your wallet may take a bit longer to load. The system is building a brand new wallet file to store all your data. It is relatively complex, so be patient.

Backup your wallet with a mnemonic seed phrase

Divi does not have access to any individual accounts and cannot recover funds if they are lost. To prevent loss of funds, it is recommended that you take advantage of your HD Mnemonic Seed Phrase feature. This feature will generate a random, 24-word phrase that can be used to recover your wallet should you lose access to it. This is not mined, it is minted. As such, no specialized hardware is required to earn rewards. Better hardware will not give a single node the upper hand when earning.

Keep your passwords and seed phrase offline

Do not, repeat, do not, store your encryption password or mnemonic seed phrases in online storage services. The best practice is to keep a copy of your password and mnemonic in separate secure locations that only you have access too. Never store your password or seed phrase in the same computer as your Desktop Smart Wallet, in a text document, or piece of paper that may be accessible by others.

Never allow access or share your wallet files with anyone

Members of the Divi team will never request access to your wallet or any other file that may reveal access to your keys or coins. If a member of the community or someone claiming to be a team member makes an attempt to access this data, please report them immediately to an Admin. Admin and Support will never ask for access to your computer.

This is your block explorer, where you can view vital information about the blockchain, search transaction hashes and addresses, and view block information. Exchange Token was a placeholder token that served as a fundraising vehicle to build the protocol. This is the main network coin used today.