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Digitalserver Web Hosting Review: Hosting Super Micro 25% Off.

About Digitalserver

Contract by virtue of which the Internet service provider company hosts, hosts or hosts the client’s website or website allocating space on any of your servers in exchange for remuneration. The company that provides the hosting service called Digitalserver rents to the client a virtual space for shared hosting plans in any modality and physical hardware for dedicated plans, as well as the software required to operate the contracted plan and it is possible to host, manage, maintain and update your web page for a certain time to the payment period, type of plan contracted in exchange for a price agreed between both parties.

By using the site and any of the services provided by DigitalServer you accept the resource use policies or RUP (Annex 1) for its acronym in English (Resource Usage Policy), as well as the terms and conditions of service. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of the service or RUP, do not use the DigitalServer site and/or services.

Service provider company called DIGITALSERVER and the client, who for purposes related to this contract must fill out the order and/or contract form with all the data requested and required from the website of the Digitalserver service provider with the sole and exclusively the following url’s ( and with which DIGITALSERVER will establish a commercial activity through this contract.

Some Quick Facts Digitalserver Web Hosting

DigitalserverBasic Details
Hosting NameDigitalserver
Email SupportN/A
Call Support800-9990-966
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Digitalserver Price

Customer Service

All hosting plans, servers, resellers (resellers), domain prices, licenses and any published services, whether listed on your website or contracted from your customer area, may suffer price changes according to the dollar exchange rate. American (USA). Your system automatically updates daily the exchange rates of the different currencies that accept as payment. Prices are shown in Mexican Pesos at the US Dollar (US) exchange rate. If the price is different, it will be updated when requesting the upgrade and will be effective for the next cycle.

The characteristics of the plans for the shared hosting modalities, resellers (resellers) and VPS, could change in case of increase in prices or change of licensing characteristics of third parties such as cPanel, DirectAmdmin, Plesk, Softaculous, SitePad or any other software used on DigitalServer servers not included in the list, the prices would be updated automatically as well as the new features. If you have a plan with characteristics, space and price different from the one published, you can request the upgrade of the account with a cost of 15.00 USD as a single payment to the customer service area and enjoy the new benefits offered on your website, It only applies if it is the same plan but with new features.

Support ticket

Digital Server, obliges its clients, for security reasons, to have a backup of all the information they keep on your servers. The backup service must be contracted through a support ticket opened from your client area and sent to the sales department. with corresponding response email, to provide you with information on prices and plans. It is your responsibility as a client to make regular backups of your hosting account, reseller, dedicated server or VPS for your own security and protect them outside of your servers or services.

Digital server, undertakes in the face of any event, other than those detailed in Article Four, to provide an optimal and stable service, as well as within 72 hours, to solve the setbacks or problems that are Digitalserver responsibility and/or security, this time may be longer if it is necessary to replace any part or part of the server involved.


The client contracts the service of Web Hosting, Reseller or Servers in any of the modalities and undertakes to pay Digitalserver Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually or Annually, depending on the payment method chosen by the client and the rate indicated for each plan. The counted days of each cycle are calendar days, any contracting order received must be paid within 24 hours, otherwise the order will be canceled and the client must generate a new contracting order, for any type of service and mode of payment.

They do not make refunds for domain registration, domain transfers, domain renewals, dedicated servers, VPS, cloud services and any type of licensing (Windows, cPanel, Softaculous, DirectAdmin, Plesk) since licenses are prepaid for activation . In case of contracting any service plan with paid domain registration, free or with domain transfer, no refund is made. The 30-day guarantee can be made effective if there is a lack of adequate support from your technicians and problems directly attributable to DigitalServer.

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