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What Is Digital Swiss Franc (DSFR)? Complete Guide Review About Digital Swiss Franc.

What Is Digital Swiss Franc (DSFR)?

Digital Swiss Franc is the pathway that directs buyers towards amazing cashback, discounts, and loyalty points on each purchase. Buyers can redeem these points with the same or any other partnered merchant while shopping online or offline, flight tickets, or hotel booking. When drafting this whitepaper, utmost care and diligence were exercised to ensure the integrity of the facts and statements mentioned in the document.

However, DSFR does not guarantee the complete accuracy or legal relevancy of the information presented in this whitepaper. By reviewing and seeking information about DSFR, the reviewer confesses that they have read, understood, agreed, and embraced all the terms and conditions mentioned in the section labeled “DISCLAIMER.”

Digital Swiss Franc Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDigital Swiss Franc
Short NameDSFR
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Digital currency

DSFR is an open-source blockchain secured digital currency introduced to bring flexibility to the crypto exchange. These are decentralized tokens that would be accepted freely around the globe without exchanging with the local currency. Digital Swiss Franc coin is the pathway that directs buyers towards amazing cashback, discounts, and loyalty points on each purchase. Buyers can redeem these points with the same or any other partnered merchant while shopping online or offline, flight tickets, or hotel booking.


Possessing an in-depth understanding of merchandising, e-commerce and the power of cryptocurrency, DSFR was minted with the vision to bring cryptocurrency to mainstream commerce. Digital Swiss Franc aims to become the default choice of currency for shopping and crypto-investment. Many small and medium retail stores and chains do not have their own loyalty program and DSFR technology allows them to implement one.

Payment Gateway

DSFR will be a part of major online payment gateways and in the future even launch its own payment gateway for seamless direct payments at e-commerce platforms in DSFR and other leading cryptocurrencies. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been the defining invention of the 21st century. By creating a mathematical basis for decentralised and distributed trust, it has now become the tool for fundamentally altering multiple industries.

However, Retail is one industry that is still largely untouched by cryptos. According to the reports of Statista, global retail eCommerce sales skyrocketed nearly US$4.28 trillion. This colossal number makes us comprehend the value of the retail and eCommerce sector in today’s world.

DSFR Crypto-ATMs

DSFR will partner with retailers and kiosks and set up a chain of Crypto-ATMs that make convenient to buy or sell Digital Swiss Franc and other leading cryptocurrencies with fiat or vice versa. A report from described that the number of crypto users had been raised to nearly 106 million all across the globe. They yearn to take this to the next phase by integrating crypto currencies into the retail stores and eCommerce sites. It is no more a dream for crypto enthusiasts who were waiting all these years to use the cryptocurrencies to purchase their favorite items – DSFR is here

DSFR Benefits

Secured Blockchain Technology

DSFR offers profoundly secured blockchain technology for decentralized financial transactions.

Transferable Loyalty Program

Cross merchant transferable loyalty program allows redeeming benefits with any partnered merchants at any time.

Exchanged with other digital currencies

DSFR tokens can be exchanged with other digital currencies or encashed through crypto ATMs or online crypto exchanges.

Cashback @ your crypto wallet

Shop at a discounted price and further get digital tokens in the form of cashback into your crypto wallet that grow in value with time as a cryptocurrency.

Transparent and Modern Loyalty Program

Rolls out analytics based transparent and modern loyalty program for all retail partners.

Major Cashbacks

Tie-up with major online cashback providers to bring the best deals to one place for you.

One Stop Cashback App

Digital Swiss Franc will have a one-stop cashback app that shows you all offline and online deals in your area. By reading this whitepaper, you agree to absolve DSFR from any responsibility for any damages arising directly or indirectly for relying on any information provided in this document. Regarding more queries about legislation and regulations concerning cryptocurrency, they highly recommend that you seek counsel from qualified professionals and your attorney, accountant, or trusted fiduciary.

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