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What Is Digifit (DGI)? Complete Guide Review About Digifit.

What Is Digifit (DGI)?

Digifit According to the World Health Organization, “Adults should perform at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week or do at least 75 minutes of vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week. Physical activity plays an important role in disease control. There are numerous benefits to physical activity such as weight management, improved memory and brain function, lower blood pressure and improved heart health, reduced anxiety and depression, and increase lifespan. It is expected to be worth $206 billion in 2022, almost doubling.

Knowing the importance of physical activity and sports in human life, Digifit strives to help people with their physical health and well-being digitally with the help of the latest technology. Digifit is a health and wellness project that aims to change the perspective of how people perform their daily exercises. Digifit aims to offer a state-of-the-art application that keeps track of daily exercise routines, meal plans, fitness levels, and fitness competitions. Digifit uses blockchain and cryptocurrency to incentivize and motivate its users. The online software automatically sets goals for users and rewards them in its native token $DGI for completing each goal.

This method not only helps in improving the fitness level of the person but also motivates them to keep doing more and remain physically active. According to the American journal of lifestyle medicine, “Health promotion or wellness has evolved relatively rapidly over the past 3 decades in response to the advances in your knowledge about health and changes in society. Digifit anticipate the next 25 years likely will be packed with as many advances in your understandings of health and the influence of lifestyles and wellness as the past 25 years.” (American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 2015) Based on trends and accessible economic data, the global digital health sector is presently valued at $118 billion and is on the rise.

Digifit Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDigifit
Short NameDGI
Circulating Supply551,740,442.00 DGI
Total Supply695,870,569
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Digifit technology has made significant progress in enhancing and simplifying communication, information, transportation, and a variety of other aspects of your lives. This whitepaper was written, edited, presented, and is being read by you using this technology. On the other hand, that same technology is having unintended and negative consequences for your health and lifestyle by encouraging to become more inactive. People are often confined to their workstations, screens, and automobiles for long periods, with little or no mobility.


They also created a utility token, $DGI to connect this concept to its online ecosystem, enabling the development of an integrated ecosystem that includes concepts like a marketplace, sports-based payments, ad system, charity funding, rewards, games, competitions, and more. Despite the intensity and clarity of the risks associated with the unhealthy lifestyle stated above,
statistics show that the vast majority of the population is either unaware of the risks or lacks the
motivation to act. Digifit chose to use blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to give an incentive for individuals to become more active, healthy, and fit by using a social-based and social-oriented approach.

Lack of Motivation

Digifit mentioned above, it has never been easier for individuals to avoid being physically active since the motive or incentive to do so is neither well established nor evident. Setting objectives, adopting a healthy and fit mentality, and developing a supporting group are all challenging to achieve and maintain. Even though there is an initial drive, it may fade with time unless there is an appropriate and obvious innovative reward that encourages individuals to be active on a semi-daily basis. The health concerns connected with a sedentary lifestyle are well-documented in research and freely accessible on the internet.


Digifit will partner with licensed personal trainers and nutritionists to bring virtual health and fitness to each user. The main vision for Digifit is to create a decentralized platform for fitness and digital well-being and bring innovation to all users regardless of fitness level.


Additionally, users will also be able to attend online fitness classes to improve their daily routine. Keeping an eye on the trend of online fitness, Digifit will offer a unique and new web and mobile
wellness marketplace for its users.

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