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What Is DiamondQ (DIQ)? Complete Guide Review About DiamondQ.

What Is DiamondQ (DIQ)?

All functions that could be considered part of a “honeypot” scam do not exist including. Come join DiamondQ and his community and find out how this new crypto currency combats those pesky whales. Here at DiQ, they want those with the biggest diamond hands to get the biggest rewards, so using the revolutionary new ‘Q’ contract, you will. Only functions that are necessary for running the project exist, none of which affect the health of an individual’s investment. Time and care has been put into the contract so that investors can feel as safe as possible.

DiamondQ Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDiamondQ
Short NameDIQ
Circulating Supply1.00B DIQ
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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The Problem

A more generalised description of the buy and sell trend is “buy the rumor, sell the news”, with the common buy and sell points being. This is not an exhaustive list but it is commonly the method that produces the chart that most people think of when they see a BSC project. The problem arises where most new projects, especially BSC projects, follow the same patterns as their predecessors. Even though a new and exciting project may arise from the ashes, they
are unfortunately lumped in the same basket as their counterparts and a similar buy and sell
trend happens.

DiamondQ One large pump, one small dump, followed by a larger pump and dump and then sideways movement at a much lower market cap. Those that are punished from this kind of movement are the project owners but more importantly, the holders that believe in the core fundamentals of a project aka the diamond hands. However, even though these key investors may believe in the project, as soon as the “dump” begins they are forced to make a decision on whether to diamond hand their investment and potentially see the fruits of the labour of the developer or to move on to pastures new and be disappointed in what could have been.

The Solution

The DiamondQ contract aims to flip the script and encourage investors to hold for a length of time in order to benefit from the rewards that will be granted. The most basic and fundamental rewards are controlled by the contract, which tracks the time at which the investor purchases the tokens. The longer the investor holds on to these tokens, the less sales tax they will inevitably end up paying and a potential larger profit can be gained. The tokenomics are set out as below.

The long term vision of the project is to create an ecosystem around rewarding diamond hands with new and interesting opportunities to maximise their potential income. As can be seen, this additional tax doesn’t go in the pockets of the developers but instead is burned to reduce circulating supply of the token and benefit long term holders even more. In addition to the above, the team have and are creating smart contracts that extend the “Q” contract functionality.

The first of which is a set of monthly lotteries, one for holders with DiamondQ of any age and another for only those that have a balance of diamond hand tokens. Both lotteries will have sizable rewards but the diamond hand lottery will be approximately 4x bigger, with a much increased chance of winning due to the nature of only allowing diamond hands.

What happens if I bought tokens at different times?

It also gives the opportunity for the diamond hands to hold tokens and then skim profits at the lowest possible tax rate. This aims to continue encouraging investors to buy at various times and sell once the tax rate has dropped. Rinse and repeat for large scale profits. Each transaction time and token amount is tracked by the contract. When it comes to selling these tokens, the contract will always sell the oldest tokens first. DiamondQ is intended so an investor pays the least amount of tax possible on each sale.

DiamondQ is also possible that tokens are bought at different times and the sales tax might not fit within the defined limits as set out within the tokenimics above. In such cases, an average tax will be calculated from the purchase times. For example. An investor bought 1,000,000 DIQ 3 days ago and 500,000 DIQ 8 days ago. The 1,000,000 DIQ will be taxed at 30% and the 500,000 DIQ will be taxed at 20%. On selling all 1,500,000 DIQ, the total tax will be 26.6%.

House wallet

This takes the buying and selling out of the developers hands and means no large, separate token wallets are held that, in theory, could be used maliciously to rug pull a project. It is important to for all of your investors to feel as safe and secure as possible in their investments. For a project to succeed long term, there must be funding for both marketing and development.
The house algorithm, similar to many other projects, accumulates tokens on the contract and sells at defined periods.

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