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Dhosting Web Hosting Review: Dynamic Hosting – Truly scalable web hosting.

About Dhosting

I started my blog with Dhosting they made it super easy to get started. I installed my blog within minutes with their one click install feature. I don’t have much of a technical background, so I rely entirely on the expertise of my hosting provider. With I don’t have to worry much about maintaining, and running my site. My blog has grown a lot since I started, and I had a couple of blog entries that became viral online. My site was visited by many people at a narrow time frame, and at no point did it start to stutter or experience any issues.

It worked extremely fast, and stable with thousands of people visiting in a single instant. Your demand for resources is often changing due to marketing campaigns. They decided to choose Dynamic Edge because it is the only solution that flexibly adjusts the capabilities and costs of the service and at the same time we don’t need to worry about the administration of your servers.

Some Quick Facts Dhosting Web Hosting

DhostingBasic Details
Hosting NameDhosting
Price11.99 USD/year
Call SupportN/A
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Dhosting Price

Scalable Experience

Your custom designed platform is based on a high performance infrastructure so it can handle even the largest, and most popular websites. You will be able to tap into 24 GHz 64 GB RAM at any time with AutoScaling. In a market dominated by dedicated, shared, and virtual private servers, Dynamic Hosting from offers a fresh alternative. The product’s autoscaling option allows users to dynamically manage resource parameters without the need for complex and costly migrations or upgrades.

High Performance

The servers are powered by LiteSpeed Web Server which is twice as fast as the current industry standard which are Apache based servers used by other providers. This is due to the fact that LiteSpeed Web Servers respond much faster to queries. When determining the best way to move your site, they need a little time to establish the implementation time – usually less than 24 hours. The time it takes to transfer your data depends on the size, number of pages/sites, and bandwidth of your previous service provider.

Really High Secure

Dhosting software was custom designed by many expert programmers and developers. Thanks to the fact that are the authors of this software, this know each and every aspect of how your platform works this is what sets apart from the competitors on the market. This fact allows to guarantee that all your data is secure. offers hosting for all types of high-flying projects. Thousands of users entrust to provide their website a place to call home, and they do so with over 98% of those customers recommending. Whether you’re a website with a few monthly visitors, or millions every day, your unique platform and its features can make your life easier.

Fully Managed

The service is fully managed as opposed to something like a cloud service or a dedicated server. What this means is that your administrators know how everything works, thanks to this fact they can properly manage the server to ensure superb stability and security. Sometimes migration causes website errors of some kind, which is why watch over your website for a few days afterward. If they notice any errors, or you yourself notice any, they are fixed immediately.

Free SSL Certificates

Dhosting fully cooperate with Let’s Encrypt this allows to ensure that can provide free certificates for each of your customers websites. To ensure a smooth migration, they can only accept migration requests no later than 2 weeks before your contract runs out. However, if your contract expires in a matter of minutes, they can prepare an accelerated migration for you.

Free Migration

If you choose to use your services, then you don’t have to worry about migrating your sites, and e-mail. They offer to move up to 15 websites and 30 e-mail addresses for free once you purchase Dynamic Hosting. They will also make sure to optimize your sites to ensure the best performance results. Do you have more sites to transfer? Feel free to contact. Absolutely The migration process has no effect on the live version of a website. Rest assured that your website will function fine throughout the process.

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