What Is Dexsport? ( DESU) Complete Guide Review About Dexsport.

What Is Dexsport? ( DESU) Complete Guide Review About Dexsport.

What Is Dexsport(ROCK)?

Dexsport Coin is a decentralized betting platform that allows users to play with a shared liquidity pool and receive near-instantaneous payouts once a win is declared. Users will transact and receive payments on the blockchain. The platform will feature betting, a prediction marketplace, P2P betting on exchange rates, and collection of NFT arts.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the project is a handshake between DeFi and betting. Players will deal in a common pool of liquidity and receive their winnings instantly. This liquidity pool, a public vault for players to put their assets, will serve each participant as a payment vault. Integrated with Web 3.0 wallets, the platform allows users to transact without KYC and registration.

Dexsport Issues common among legacy betting platforms like hacking, extended payments time, sudden blocking of funds, and almost total lack of control of funds will be long forgotten with Dexsport. The DeFi-betting project seeks to be the premier platform attracting two classes of people: Blockchain users and enthusiasts; and gamblers. The former offers a new way for crypto holders to contribute their assets to the liquidity pool for a fee. The latter helps simplify the user journey with no middleman and a more guaranteed way of booking and receiving payouts.

Dexsport Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDexsport Coin
Short NameDESU
Circulating Supply41,843,703.70 DESU
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Current problems in betting

The existing betting tools are too complex for the average user, which requires a large amount of specific and up-to-date knowledge, such as interaction with pools, deposit liquidity, and mitigation of non-permanent losses

  • Centralization of companies
  • The likelihood of hacking and theft of funds
  • Lack of user keys
  • Lengthy withdrawal verification processes
  • Government bans
  • KYC

Dexsport Features

Sports Betting:

Dexsport Coin a user interested in placing a bet on a sporting event puts his balance into the common pool of liquidity. If his bet turns out to be winning, he gets his win paid to him instantly.

Prediction Marketplace

A user can bet on an upcoming event. For example, Will Joe Biden win a second term? The odds for this are based on community actions.

The betting will be based on a binary format

If the player predicts correctly, he gets paid instantly. P2P Betting: with this feature, users can predict the future rate of cryptocurrencies. You can pick any crypto token and gamble on how much it will be in, say, a week.

P2E Games Betting

Dexsport offers new unique opportunities for those who want to earn from blockchain games.

Play-to-Earn betting

Dexsport Coin It doesn’t matter if you choose to play on Ethereum or anything else, Dexsport will accept bets on either format. This is a new level of player interaction and the formation of a new economic model. If you have the knowledge and the ability to analyze the course of the game, or if you simply want to feel the excitement and consider yourself lucky, you can use Dexsport to bet on the victory or defeat of different players.


Play rewards

Depending on the monthly betting volume of each user, $DESU serves as the cashback currency. It helps to ensure that bookings are properly decentralized and users get rewarded for their contribution to the development of decentralized betting. Also after a certain amount of placed bets, $DESU token holders get a chance to spin.

Community rewards

Dexsport community members holding $DESU tokens will be eligible to take part in different contests such as whitelisting and will have a priority for capped events and giveaways from Dexsport and its partners. This includes famous sports teams merch, fan attributes, NFTs and many other things.

Market Analysis

The gambling and betting market is growing rapidly, especially with the development of digital technologies. Its capitalization is now estimated at almost $900 billion. According to independent sources, this is not the limit, and the field has huge potential to grow and attract innovations. In DeFi, investment growth has increased significantly even in a single year: in 2020 it was around $606 M, and already in the first quarter of 2021 it was capitalized at $64 B.

Competitive Advantages

The Dexsport business model offers a rare opportunity for users: no full-fledged counterparts can be found on the market. However, they consider some other blockchain-based projects as competitors — Augur and Stox, for example, as well as some traditional bookmakers. The comparison chart below will show you a significant advantage of Dexsport over its competitors.

Token utility


$DESU is the native token of the blockchain protocol built to ensure accurate validation of betting odds, as well as providing transparent mathematical models for gaming platforms and providers.

Development fees and premium access

Dexsport Coin Third-party developers can develop $DESU infrastructure. Meanwhile, $DESU token holders will enter the DAO where they will be able to participate in the development of the platform by voting. $DESU token holders will have a premium access to the beta versions of new products released on the platform.


0,5% of the Pool would be distributed among users of the DexSport platform in the form of a lottery on a monthly basis. Every $DESU token holder will receive a certain amount of lottery tickets based on the Tier system. There will also be an opportunity to buy additional tickets using $DESU tokens.

Mission & Objectives

The Dexsport current version of Dexsport is an enormous work of many people. The Core Team analyzed the market, collected data, surveyed users, built comfortable user paths, and shaped the design and tone of voice of the project. Dexsport meets the needs of the present – the demand for high quality projects whose processes are transparent to everyone. Decentralized platforms aim to improve existing financial system and a lot of other institutions and processes in our everyday life.