What Is Deuxpad? (DEUX) Complete Guide Review About Deuxpad.

What Is Deuxpad? (DEUX) Complete Guide Review About Deuxpad.

What Is Deuxpad?

Deuxpad Coin is an IDO & IGO launchpad that offers only top-quality projects to its investor. DeuxPad is a decentralized IDO IGO platform that integrates the developer and the investor, aims to increase the profits of the parties on the Binance Smart Chain.

Deux is a community of Solidity developers, backend frontend and web3 developers, ones who follow the innovations brought by the game and metaverse universe and work on 3D modeling, avatar and digital clothing, financial advisors who are experts in token economy, and ones
with high marketing experience, important connections, and strong communication skills.

Deuxpad Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDeuxpad Coin
Short NameDEUX
Circulating Supply
Total Supply200,000,000
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What are Deuxpad GAME & NFT Launch?

Deuxpad is also a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform for the gaming and NFT world. It caters to the funding needs of independent game developers and NFT artists for their projects. Produces solutions for game developers for digital assets (character, digital clothing, etc.). DeuxPad does this through two modules.


It plays an essential role in the guidance, strategy, and marketing moves that gaming projects in the incubation period need and thereby prepares the projects for the launchpad stage precisely.

IGO&NFT Platform

Deuxpad Coin It professionally mediates the establishment of mutual win/win relationships with the potential investor community demanded by gaming projects at the launchpad stage.

DeuxPad is Primarly 4 Things

DeuxPad, which is the heart of Deux ecosystem, is based on 4 basic but very important principles.

Early Stage Investment

Offers the opportunity to buy projects in seed, community round.


Deuxpad follows the features, promises, risk ratios, development processes, and teams
of its projects in detail. The selected incubation projects that have been subjected to a comprehensive screening process work with the Deux team for successful launching and expansion.

The team lends assistance to the project developer in many areas such as financing,
marketing, consulting, strategy in the incubation process. Providing hands-on support, mentoring and guidance in all areas required by promising pre-seed projects.

Smart Contract Operations

Provides the autonomous feature with smart contracts to Deuxpad Coin all transactions that it wants to take place on the platform and does not share your accounts with 3rd party software

Equitable Allocation

All token sales on the platform is allocated to the stakeholders according to individual pool weights.

Early Period Investment

Developers sell tokens to fund their projects in the early period. Here, big investors who believe in the project managed by the developer buy the tokens of the project at a very aordable price and as locked-up in the long term. Deuxpad locks up these sales to the loyal investors of the platforms in small fractions by their pool weights and in the long term

Poor tokenomics management and ineective marketing problem

No matter how professional they are in their projects, the developers may lack financial strategy. This strategy is one of the most significant factors aecting the future of the project.
Another is the insuicient application of marketing in the projects. This aects both the
developer and the investor adversely.

Deuxpad Coin team closely examines the marketing and tokenomics strategies for all projects to be successful on the platform and oers professional consultancy services in these aspects. DeuxPad ensures that projects go in the right direction in the structuring of the token economy in line with their financial requirements.


Pre-ido is the most fundamental fund that enables projects to realize the technology they promise. This fund does not aect the token price as it is independent of financial volatility in the ido sale. Individual investors can invest in project tokens through pre-ido on the platform. This provides them a first move and price advantage compared to buying
tokens during a public IDO