What Is Deso? (DESO) Complete Guide Review About Deso.

What Is Deso? (DESO) Complete Guide Review About Deso.

What Is Deso?

Deso Coin is a new type of blockchain designed to power Web 3.0 decentralized social networks. Since its inception in 2019, DeSo aims to solve the problems created by present social media centralization. Today, a handful of private companies effectively control public discourse, earning monopoly profits; meanwhile, the creators who actually produce the content are often underpaid and under-engaged.

In contrast, DeSo’s social blockchain treats social media content as a public utility, making it permissionless and available to anyone. DeSo combines the paradigm of open P2P financial system offered by cryptocurrencies with an efficient and scalable database infrastructure, tailored to bring about the next-generation of Web 3.0 social networks.

Deso Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Deso Coin
Short NameDESO
Circulating Supply10,532,253.00 DESO
Total Supply10,808,492
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How Does DeSo Work?

Deso Coin In terms of architecture, a good way to understand DeSo is to imagine a Bitcoin node, only evolved to be able to handle a much wider array of transaction types than just sending/receiving money, with a vast amount of custom storage and indexing logic tailor-made to support social features at scale. For non-developers, the best way to understand DeSo’s architecture and its advantages is to continue to the next section, which explains things in high-level terms.

However, for developers who are interested in diving into the lower-level specifics, this developer quide is a good starting point, and this code walkthrough is the best way to fully internalize how everything fits together. It may look dense, but it is written in plain English, and shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to fully internalize.

The vision

Existing Blockchains Can’t Scale Social Apps

Social applications generate a lot of data, and existing blockchains are not equipped to store and index it.

DeSo Unlocks The Next Frontier for Blockchain

Deso was built from the ground up to scale one of the biggest untapped markets for blockchain: Social Media.

100% open-source
100% on-chain open data

100% of all code and data are totally open, and all content is stored directly on-chain.

Native on-Chain Features

On-Chain Profiles

Every user’s profile is stored on-chain and is solely controlled by the user’s private keys, making your identity portable between all apps in the DeSo ecosystem.

Social NFTs

NFTs minted on DeSo are associated with the artist’s profile, and can be shown off on the buyer’s profile, enhancing provenance while making them inherently social, and more valuable.

Social Tokens

Deso Coin Every profile created on DeSo can have a social token attached to it. Social tokens on DeSo earn cashflows from NFT sales, and soon all forms of creator monetization.

Social Tipping aka “Diamonds”

Because DeSo is a blockchain, it’s never been easier to integrate money-native features like tipping into your app. Tips can be integrated directly with content, e.g. allowing users to give “diamonds” to posts rather than just “likes.”

On-Chain Posts

Every post and reply is stored and indexed directly on-chain, meaning that your content is portable across all apps in the DeSo ecosystem. If one app’s algorithms aren’t showing you love, there are thousands of others that will instead!

And much more…

The DeSo core development team is relentlessly focused on using the power of blockchain to create as many new ways for creators to monetize as possible. And because DeSo is an open platform, every new feature becomes instantly available to thousands of developers who will invent new products we’ve never seen before.

The Importance of Storing Everything On-Chain

Deso Some would argue that social applications can get by without storing everything on-chain. For example, one could imagine an Ethereum-based app that registers a user’s public key on the blockchain initially, but then stores all posts on a centralized server. The problem with such an app is that whoever is running the centralized

The server has a significant incentive to, eventually, become a gatekeeper just like the social juggernauts we have today. This is especially true if the app is structured as a for-profit company, since its fiduciary duty to its shareholders will inevitably accelerate its transformation into a closed walled garden of content.

The DeSo Advantage: Mixing NFTs and Social Media

Deso Coin someone buys a piece of art or a collectible item, they do so in part because it brings them personal joy, but in part because they want to show it off. A major superpower DeSo has is that every feature that’s added to it has an inherent social component built-in, and NFTs are no exception.In the case of DeSo NFTs, they have an opportunity to show off a user’s NFT collection on their profile, and to allow users to engage around their NFTs via comments, likes, diamonds, and more. Suddenly,