What Is Dentacoin (DCN)?

What Is Dentacoin (DCN)? Complete Guide Review About Dentacoin.

What Is Dentacoin (DCN)?

The information in this document is subject to change or update without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by Dentacoin Foundation. This document and parts thereof must not be reproduced or copied without written permission, and contents thereof must not be imparted to a third party nor be used for any unauthorized purpose. The purpose of this paper is to thoroughly explain a new conceptual framework to be used within the dental industry for organizational purposes.

Through the utilization of recent technological innovations, we have created a model with the ability to overcome the majority of the dental industries’ major constraints and furthermore, proposes various measures that will significantly improve the efficiency of dental practice thus improving the patients’ level of dental well-being. Dentacoin strives to create a dental industry community by rewarding people -who provide valuable contributions- with crypto currency.

Through this reward system, the foundation will see a rise in a currency that will be able to reach a broad market, including a vast number of people who have yet to participate in any cryptocurrency economy. According to Harvard Business Review: “To protect the blockchain vision from political pressure and regulatory interference, blockchain networks rely on a decentralized infrastructure that can’t be controlled by any one person or group.” The integration of blockchain and dentistry is an extraordinary concept; one that requires the creation of a community in which transparency and shared responsibility can take place.

Dentacoin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDentacoin
Short NameDCN
Circulating Supply588.11B DCN
Total Supply7,283,485,741,241
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Mission Statement

The Dentacoin Foundations’ core missions are to improve the quality of dental care world wide, reduce treatment costs and create a dental community. The Token was created to help assist the Foundation with the above mentioned missions by giving power to the people. A focuses on developing a number of tools, each one targeting a different sector of the dental industry. Individuals who use and implement these tools will receive Tokens as a reward, which they can later use to pay for their dental treatment or to purchase dental products.

The goal is not to compete with other cryptocurrencies, but rather to provide a solution and support for the healthcare industry through a blockchain. The Foundation is interested in evaluating the actual substance and value that can be created with a coin that represents the health of all individuals. They will be both a Fin Tech and logistic platform of the global dental industry.

Core Objectives

People trust people, thus there is nothing more valuable to the industry players than constant, trustworthy feedback from the patients. All service industries aiming at long-term success are driven by their customers’ feedback. The healthcare Industry is no exception. No regulatory authority, no central institution, no powerful organization or individual could control the industry better than the patient community. However, a community needs to exist for this to be achieved and this is where Dentacoin steps in.

They emphasizes the industry’s challenges and reveals the solutions for increasing the dental practice’s efficiency. Implementing a blockchain based industrial crypto currency can incentivize the industry in solving the majority of the existing and future constraints. Below are the 4 phases of implementation each with its own milestones, goals, and focus.

Blockchain-Based Trusted Review Platform

Through a self- executing Smart Contract, the review platform will assure optimal autonomy, trust, speed, and safety thus mitigating any risks in connection with manipulations. Through creating and implementing the first Blockchain-based platform for trusted dental treatment reviews, the Dentacoin Foundation will allow patients voices to be heard and dentists will have access to up-to-date, extremely valuable market research data and qualified patient feedback – the most powerful tool to improve service quality and to establish a loyal patient base.

The brand new, blockchain-based feedback system (smart contract) will trigger a dynamic movement in patients and dentists to open DCN wallets. There will be a community that will create the prerequisites for the future steps that will be taken to penetrate the global market and will provide valuable market research results.

Trusted reviews

In order to provide trust worthier customer reviews, Dentacoin will implement a new notion of “trusted reviews“, thus the review platform will have both standard reviews and trusted reviews. Standard reviews, which can be written by anyone and trusted reviews, which can only be written by actual patients. To ensure that a reviewer writes the feedback based on a prior treatment, each partner dentist will ask for the patients’ e-mail address in the medical office and right before each treatment, the patient will get an email containing a review request link.