What Is Demeter Chain (DMTC)?

What Is Demeter Chain (DMTC)? Complete Guide Review About Demeter Chain.

What Is Demeter Chain (DMTC)?

The token distribution will be as follows: 30% to fund future development, 20% available for immediate trading, 20% for Founders, 10% for an airdrop/trading competition, 10% for team members 5% for a community and bounty program, and 5% for advertising Pocket Node. This distribution will allow the team to distribute funds to all important members that have taken part in the build of Pocket Node while also insuring a long future for Pocket Node.

Integrating the masses into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space cannot happen over-night. Projects that come and go in the short term without a long term plan have no business being in the space. Demeter Chain has set up its token distribution metrics with a live platform ensuring users can spend their NODE immediately while facilitating the adoption of tens of other master node related cryptocurrencies.

Most projects wait months if not years for their tokens to have any utility. The second NODE goes live it will have utility as the Pocket Node platform is already live with users on Android devices. As iOS users are on-boarded along with more coins the utility and demand for the NODE token will likely increase.

Demeter Chain Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDemeter Chain
Short NameDMTC
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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How it works

The private sale was not for NRK. They cannot pre-mine and sell the actual NRK token. If Demeter Chain did, would need to take $1 per NRK sold in addition to the actual raise to make sure the tokens are backed. This would be really inefficient and capital intensive. So, how did we do it?Through a sale of pNRK. pNRK is a precursor derivative of NRK; it gives the holder the option to mint NRK by burning pNRK and providing the intrinsic value of NRK.

For example, an investor would provide 1 DAI and 1 pNRK to mint 1 NRK. This makes it similar to an option. pNRK is worth the price of NRK minus intrinsic value, and it only makes sense to redeem it when NRK is above intrinsic value. This ensures that your incentives are aligned to keep the premium alive.


Demeter Chain makes master nodes easy for all individuals. Ease of use drives adoption and the goal of Pocket Node and the NODE token is to drive mass adoption of those interested in proof of stake. The NODE token adds benefits to users interested in masternodes by reducing their monthly costs of staking while also working as an internal currency in the Pocket Node platform, and any future platforms.

Many tokens are released long before projects even commence. The NODE token is being launched after Pocket Node, a mobile staking master node platform that is already live. Pocket Node wishes to allow any user wanting to stake the ability to do so. The NODE token allows those same users to do it for a fraction of the cost. Pocket Node is already live on Android with 10+ cryptocurrencies.

The iOS version is complete and pending Apple approval. The team is in contact with a 2nd round of coins to list and continues to spread cryptocurrency awareness. The most convenient 1-click master node solution is here, and the NODE token is providing a huge discount to those users.

Treasury Return Mechanism

In case of a bearish market, the price drops far below the backing price and stays. The usual method is to lower the rebase rate and stop bond sales, which leads to a very long waiting period until holders can get back their original investment. This harms holders and they will not allow your NoahArk DAO to take the same measures. Treasure will be returned to holders after a vote if the market price is lower than the backing price for 2 or 4 weeks.

Cold wallet and Multi-sig

Demeter Chain requests every multisig account to use a hardware wallet when implementing Multi-sig. Treasury assets will be stored in multi-sig cold wallets instead of in contract to avoid any danger or code leak, after receiving authorization from your DAO vote.

They’ve tried to maintain as much fairness as possible for NoahArk DAO. Hopefully that has been clear through the Initial Discord Offering, having a small initial supply, being open with information, and all of your other efforts to keep everyone on a level playing field.

But nothing comes free. Building a solid protocol is hard work, and it requires capital. Audits, development, legal, all of these things need some amount of money to get done. Beyond that, it requires alignment so that contributors feel personally incentivized to give it their all.