What Is Degenerator Meme (MEME)?

What Is Degenerator Meme (MEME)? Complete Guide Review About Degenerator Meme.

What Is Degenerator Meme (MEME)?

Degenerator Meme had already flagged Summer Shuffle as problematic due to several visible factors: lack of known tournament organizer, sudden appearance, small community footprint, unverified prize pool and other considerations. They were named esports bookmaker of the year in 2019 and are founding members of the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC). A company hire industry experts and partner with leaders who know the space, such as Dota buff. At work as hard as believe every bookmaker should to ensure wagering is a positive, safe and responsible way to enhance esports.

Correctly and responsibly operated, betting is a driving force behind growth an opportunity in esports. When irresponsibly operated, it creates many opportunities and incentives for abuse. Last year, Degenerator Meme ramped up skin deposit functionality to try and give legitimate bettors a regulator-approved, legal option for betting with skins, thus undermining the operating margin for dangerous, unregulated, predatory or scam sites. They want every esports fan with legal access to betting to be able to choose a responsible option.

Degenerator Meme Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDegenerator Meme
Short NameMEME
Circulating Supply28,000.00 MEME
Total Supply28,000
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Management software

Degenerator Meme is a blockchain Fund Tech SaaS company offering a cloud-based and AI-enabled spend management software solution called ‘Resolvr’, a P2P marketplace for tasks and jobs called ‘MatchBX’, and a white-label token sale platform called ‘CoinBX’. Their largest current client is a $24 billion dollar AUM hedge fund. aXpire is a spin off from LSG, LLC, an Insure Tech SaaS company that has a history of working with Fortune 500 and “household name” clients, such as Nike, Intel, IBM, Coca-Cola and the NFL.

This industry-agnostic approach is phase two of Degenerator Meme company, mainly focused on mid- and back-office expense management improvements. They have advisor experts in all of the aforementioned industries to enhance go to market strategy. In addition to these products, aXpire offers blockchain startup accelleration, tailor-made software solutions, and blockchain funds.

Track time and T&E expenses

Capture and allocate time, travel and other expenses through both web- and mobile app, accessible on Android and iOS devices. Alternatively, integrate with 3rd-party accounting or expense platforms and pull T&E directly into the platform for allocation. Connect the platform to your email inbox and automate the entire workflow of receiving, processing and allocating an expense. Degenerator Meme As invoices are received over email, the platform detects the files and takes various formats such as PDF and Excel, converting it into digital data. This then allows for automatic review and allocation, with optional second-layer human review and approval of invoices.

Automate the expense allocation process

Simplify expense allocation for your fund by replacing Excel, bringing all key stakeholders into a single platform for tracking, processing and auto-allocating expenses across your funds. This can be based on AUM, NAV and configurable allocation tables imported into the platform, or manually down to the line item. Stop emails back and forth with document attachments, making it hard to track changes and risking Degenerator Meme location due to errors within the process. The SEC has designated expense allocation as an investigative priority, and funds that end up misal locating expenses — even if by mistake — face massive fines.

The Company Technologies

Degenerator Meme core team consists of the prior LSG C-suite, with over 90 years of combined experience in the software enabled payments space. This technologies also have nine full-time developers with blockchain competency, built from partnership with R3, an enterprise software company focused on building a proprietary blockchain inspired platform, Corda. This Company will initially serve asset managers and fund administrators at banks, hedge funds, private equity firms and other financial institutions to deal with the resource- and time-costly process of managing and distributing expenses to each fund, or split of funds, as appropriate.

Expense management life cycle

Building out and providing this spend management service for asset managers is phase one of company. Going forward, Degenerator Meme will expand its spend management technologies across industries outside of asset management, e.g. natural resources, travel & leisure, healthcare, food & beverage, transportation etc., removing human-manual processes in the expense management life cycle through a highly secure SaaS model. Outside of asset management, technologies will allocate expenses across different internal departments, or “cost centers” (e.g. finance, legal, accounting etc.) in a similar fashion to expense apportionment across different funds within asset managers.