What Is Defibox? (BOX) Complete Guide Review About Defibox.

What Is Defibox? (BOX) Complete Guide Review About Defibox.

What Is Defibox?

Defibox Coin is described to be a professional one-stop DeFi application platform on EOS. It is initiated and managed by the Defibox Foundation, and get funding and support from Newdex. The project was launched on July 21, 2020, which is committed to becoming the DeFi application platform widely used by EOS users. Currently, Defibox has launched two protocols, namely Swap and USN stable coin (formerly Danchor project). The project will launch more protocols in the future such as decentralized lending, synthetic assets, etc.

Defibox Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDefibox Coin
Short NameBOX
Circulating Supply
Total Supply5,000,000
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Token Issuance

70% of the BOX for DeFi protocol mining

Including liquidity mining and swap mining in Swap, USN generation mining, decentralized lending protocol mining and other forms of mining.

15% of the BOX for the Foundation

The BOX distributed to the Foundation is released linearly with mining, and will be in circulation after releasing, which will be used for product development, operation, promotion, and security audit, etc.

7.5% of the BOX for the team as incentive

The Defibox BOX distributed to the team is released linearly with mining, and will be unlocked in 5 times after releasing, each unlocking occurs every six months. Each time 1.5% of the total BOX will be unlocked. The first unlocking date is November 11, 2020.

7.5% of the BOX for the BOX Saving System

The BOX distributed to the period saving system will be released linearly with mining, and will enter the circulation state after release, which will be used to reward users who regularly lock BOX.


It may seem strange to some people that now every DeFi platform strives to issue its own stablecoin, because now there are quite a lot of centralized stablecoins, for example, USDT, USDC, PAX, and so on. However, firstly, all these popular stablecoins are centralized and managed by private companies and here stem certain troubles and risks, to the point that they can cancel and block transactions of their own tokens, despite them being issued on an independent blockchain.

Token Value

Governance voting rightBOX holders can vote to determine important parameters of DeFi protocol and other proposals in BOX DAO, participating in various project decision-makings.Locking rewards. Deposited BOX is locked in the period saving system, and you can get different APY according to different locking periods. The locking rewards can be claimed at any time. VIP privilege Locking BOX will give you VIP Privilege. The privileges include airdrop, free CPU and market reminder, etc. Same right with same token. Each BOX token enjoys the matching voting right and other economical revenue. Defibox Foundation does not have any other privileges.

Protocol revenue

Protocol revenue refers to all revenues generated by Defibox various protocols, including: 0.1% of Swap transaction volume, USN interest and liquidation penalty, interest revenue and liquidation fine of lending protocol, etc.

Community incentive

Defibox Coin In order to promote the better development of Defibox, the Foundation officially launches the community incentive program to encourage the community to actively participate in Defibox product construction and business cooperation. The Foundation will provide rewards, exclusive icons and other benefits to contributors. All community members are welcome to participate in DeFi ecosystem construction.

The Advantages

Contract safety

Insure the contract safety from multiple dimensions. Including security audit, multi-signature contract, bug-county program and code open source. Putting user capital security as first place.

Decentralized autonomous organization

Establish BOX DAO community. Promote project development by proposals and voting. Our goal is to dismiss the Foundation and realize a total decentralized autonomous organization

Excellent experience

Fast swap transaction, full market coverage. Flexible treasury management, friendly UI experience

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  • ethereumEthereum (ETH) $ 4,589.62
  • binance-coinBinance Coin (BNB) $ 620.64
  • tetherTether (USDT) $ 0.998680
  • solanaSolana (SOL) $ 211.84
  • cardanoCardano (ADA) $ 1.57
  • xrpXRP (XRP) $ 1.00
  • polkadotPolkadot (DOT) $ 38.54
  • usd-coinUSD Coin (USDC) $ 0.999208
  • dogecoinDogecoin (DOGE) $ 0.215638
  • avalanche-2Avalanche (AVAX) $ 123.07
  • shiba-inuShiba Inu (SHIB) $ 0.000047
  • terra-lunaTerra (LUNA) $ 57.43
  • crypto-com-chainCrypto.com Coin (CRO) $ 0.689414
  • wrapped-bitcoinWrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) $ 57,287.00
  • litecoinLitecoin (LTC) $ 209.21
  • binance-usdBinance USD (BUSD) $ 0.997905
  • matic-networkPolygon (MATIC) $ 1.81
  • chainlinkChainlink (LINK) $ 26.01
  • algorandAlgorand (ALGO) $ 1.83
  • bitcoin-cashBitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 572.53
  • uniswapUniswap (UNI) $ 20.69