What Is DeepBrain Chain (DBC)?

What Is DeepBrain Chain (DBC)? Complete Guide Review About DeepBrain Chain.

What Is DeepBrain Chain (DBC)?

DeepBrain Chain have been committed to artificial intelligence landing applications and services for variety of Internet of things applications, so that ordinary appliances could have a brain, with dialogue, thinking, and reasoning abilities. In 2014, as a result, the world’s first AI sound box Small was launched half a year earlier than the Amazon Echo. In 2017, the first national AI brain open platform DeepBrain was launched. When Artificial intelligence I enterprises design AI products, it is estimated that nearly 10% to 30% of their budget will be spent on construction of AI’s computing power.

These include the purchase and maintenance of high computing performance hardware, which have become a heavy burden to enterprises, restricting investment in technology research and development. Is there a good way to completely solve this pain point, so that AI enterprises can navigate the technological revolution more smoothly?The answer is yes and This is where DeepBrain Chain enters. Deep Brain is the first and only artificial intelligence platform in the world driven by blockchain technology to address this problem.

By utilizing Deep Brain Chain’s platform, artificial intelligence enterprises can save up to 70% of their hardware cost. In addition, potential privacy risk for enterprises when using data can be effectively avoided. This is because the algorithm of the platform is fixed by smart contract and thus cannot be changed.

DeepBrain Chain Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDeepBrain Chain
Short NameDBC
Circulating Supply3.20B DBC
Total Supply10,000,000,000
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DeepBrain Chain vision is to build the infrastructure for the 5G + AIoT era which is aimed at providing all industries with low-cost, private and secure high-performance computing power. DeepBrain mission is to accelerate the advancement of artificial intelligence in an era that is undergoing an explosion of smart devices, the data they acquire and their computational needs.

Thus, the cost can be just 30% of the user’s self-built neural network server; and less than 50% of the traditional artificial intelligence centralization cloud computing platform. DeepBrain Chain allows the artificial intelligence neural network operation to be decentralized and distributed over the mass nodes of the whole world through blockchain technology.

Problems of Artificial Intelligence Enterprises

Artificial intelligence products need to train models by neural network calculation, and the data model training process needs to consume a large amount of computing resources. Also, Artificial intelligence products want to achieve better product index, in addition to the algorithm. That is, there is a need for massive data to train, but more data, in the case of equal computing resources, means longer training, say over a week or even a month to several months. If there are incorrect parameters in the training process, repeated training is needed.

DeepBrain Chain Long training time is extremely disadvantageous to the enter pries product’s iterative updating, increasing the product’s likelihood to fail in the industry’s competition. This leads to the fact that many manufacturers have to invest alot of money to purchase GPU, FPGA, and other hardware resources, directly causing the artificial intelligence chip provider’s, e.g. NVIDIA’s, share price to rise rapidly. For most small and medium enterprises, more than one million of capital investment is a huge burden.

Brief Description of DeepBrain Chain

Using blockchain technology, DeepBrain Chain have developed a distributed, low-cost and privacy-protecting high-performance computing platform with comprehensive peripheral services and products. DeepBrain high-performance computing nodes can provide high-performance computing power for multiple industries, including AI trains and inference, cloud gaming, rendering, blockchain zero-knowledge computing, ETH 2.0 POS computing node etc.

The AI computing nodes in your network can take multiple forms, including full-function nodes (permanent nodes) composed of large GPU or FPGA server clusters, independent nodes composed of idle GPU servers owned by small and medium– sized companies, and idle GPU downed by individuals. Mining nodes earn their income from two sources. AI processing fees paid by AI companies in exchange for computing power and mining rewards from the system, calculated based on your reward algorithm.