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Deedcoinlaunch Ico Review

About Deedcoinlaunch

Deedcoinlaunch community, they appreciate your patience while they have been laying the foundation for the next phase of Deed and reworking the roadmap in response to the new industry climate. The emerging relative stability of the technology and the departure of projects (the ones who built nothing) have left the industry in a smaller but stronger position. In recent months, the Deed team has been working towards significant partnerships in expectation of today’s market. Today, They are excited to announce the first of pending partnerships has come to fruition.

The Deedcoinlaunch team would like to take this opportunity to recap how to use the Deed token and the Deedcoin platform. With the increasing real estate transaction volume, they are starting to see questions from newer users, and this update provides a complete walk through for the process. Additionally, if you don’t know much about viewing and sending Ethereum based tokens (like DEED token) — this will educate you on the process.

Token Basic Information

Token NameDeedcoinlaunch
Token TypeUtility
Token SymbolDeed
Token Price1 USD
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
AcceptsETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Mortgage Industry Marketers Need To Be Doing

That’s the good news. The not-so-good news, at least as far as those in the mortgage industry are concerned, is it appears many in the mortgage industry have been marketing themselves the same way since 2008, when the recession was in full swing. Deedcoinlaunch talking paper fliers, mailing ads and other “archaic” methods.

And rest assured when I use the term “archaic” I mean in the sense that these are primarily the only methods being utilized vs. mixing these with newer-school marketing methods. The fact of the matter is those in the mortgage industry need to get better at marketing to home buyers.

Matthew Herrick of Deedcoin says regardless if it’s real estate, lending or insurance, the traditional means of advertising and marketing are being phased out by more organic means of customer acquisition. “The modern consumer-facing company does not push their brand on consumers, they empower consumers to push their brand,” says Herrick. “Organic community management and development is more effective than the most exorbitant advertising budget.”

Use Social Media

Even though the mortgage industry might not immediately sound like it belongs on Facebook or Instagram, social media is a huge tool for this industry. “I get at least one deal a day from social media,” says Preciado. “People will send a direct message to my page – once a day, at least. The more people that know about you, the more business you’re going to get.”

See what popular industry social media accounts are doing to gain engagement and traction with their followers. How often are they posting? What are they saying in response to customers? Is there a way you can mimic their successes with your own businesses? Make a plan to incorporate some of their tactics into your own strategy.

Utilize Automation

An excerpt from a great piece on seo says it all: “Your target audience expects a functional online experience. That experience should also be quick and easy. There are several mortgage automation software packages out there.” Marketers, agnostic of industry the world over, have realized the incredible benefits there are to using an automated platform.

The speed alone makes automation a no-brainer for marketers, and those in the mortgage industry would be wise to take full advantage of all that automation can provide to them and in turn to their customers and prospects.

Go Against The Norm

The Internet is a constant churn of noise and content. To be heard, and more than that noticed, you have to really turn heads — so to speak. “No mortgage lender drives a Ferrari,” says Preciado. But in reality, that’s exactly what he drives, and he says the car has helped him seem like an interesting guy that people want to know. By upping his cool factor, he’s increased his networking opportunities which has led to more business.

“They see me as a pretty cool, down-to-earth guy, so people would come to see me in my office,” says Preciado. “I started to build a bunch of new real estate agent connections because of the car. Everybody thinks I’m cool, and they want to meet me.”

The Banking Industry

Blockchain technology has the potential to solve several significant problems faced by the banking industry today. Right now banks store money for their customers, and they also handle the transfer of that money. Deedcoinlaunch inherently has a secure system that would provide permanent records of the millions of transactions that take place in the banking industry each day. This ledger system could significantly lower the risk by providing secure records. Furthermore, money could be transferred cheaper and faster by the decentralization provided by blockchain.

The Real Estate Industry

Anyone who has ever purchased or sold a home knows just how much paperwork is involved in a real estate transaction. Blockchain technology can completely change the current headache that all of these documents cause.  By using blockchain, all of the documents and transaction records can be stored securely with measurably less work and less cost. According to Piper Moretti, CEO of the Crypto Realty Group and licensed realtor, the use of blockchain can also potentially eliminate the escrow process. The technology can create smart contracts that release funding only when the conditions are met.

The Education Industry

Deedcoinlaunch education industry is poised to see some significant breakthroughs utilizing an emerging version of the Internet that combines blockchain, cryptocurrency, and virtual reality. This new Internet will be known as “3DInternet,” and it has the power to create a global classroom like never before. SocratesCoin is making big moves to make this a reality. The company will create a global community of faculty, students, campuses, and curriculum. The students will encompass all ages, cultures, and locations. 

cryptocurrencies are disrupting the stock market

Deedcoinlaunch fun to ogle pictures of star athletes’ mansions, the reality is that the majority of athletes, like most investors and home purchasers everywhere, have a limited amount of income and must manage their money and assets wisely to get the most out of it. Average career earnings in the NBA are $24.7 million, but average career lengths are only 4.8 years. For every LeBron James, there are dozens of players who make a few million for a year or two, then lose that income stream after an injury or a fresh young face pushes them off the team.