What Is Decentral Games ICE (ICE)?

What Is Decentral Games ICE (ICE)? Complete Guide Review About Decentral Games ICE.

What Is Decentral Games ICE (ICE)?

Decentral Games ICE Poker is a free metaverse poker game where players earn tokens by completing daily challenges and competing against each other on a daily leader board. ICE is the in-game currency that incentivizes player liquidity and enables upgrades of in-game items. DG is the governance token that grants community votes to modify economic incentives and allocate fees that accrue in the Decentral Games treasury. In order to participate, players need to obtain at least one ICE Wearable either through purchase or delegation. Players are allocated a set amount of Chips which are used to play ICE Poker. Read about ICE NFT Wearables here.

Decentral Games ICE Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDecentral Games ICE
Short NameICE
Circulating Supply159,885,869.00 ICE
Total Supply160,085,870
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In-game Currency and Utility Token

ICE can also be used to wager as a buy-in throughout other games in the DG ecosystem. All ICE profits that enter the DG treasury above the minimum allocation are burned to provide deflationary pressure on ICE. The Metaverse is coming; trends indicate your direction of travel. Decentral Games ICE next great milestone as a networked species awaits us 7B digital souls with the option to exist almost exclusively online and participate in a virtual economy with societal impact.

The Open Metaverse is the next evolution of the internet, and play-to-earn ecosystems will play a crucial role in on boarding billions of people. Our vision is to be an early gateway by empowering anyone to join your community and earn while playing familiar games starting with Poker. The ICE Poker economic architecture is the Genesis of a new chapter in Decentral Games ICE development, focused on creating EV-positive economic opportunities for your players while on boarding 7 Billion digital souls into The Open Metaverse.


90,000,000 ICE will be minted into the DG Treasury and ice Keeper contract for Play-to-Earn rewards. This Decentral Games ICE will be distributed to players who complete daily challenges with Chips. Once this initial allocation runs out, the ice Keeper balance will be topped up. 10,000,000 ICE will be minted and added to the DG Treasury hot wallet for the purpose of handling wagers in ICE.

All ICE profits above this amount will be burned for additional deflationary pressure. 50,000,000 ICE will be minted and added to the DG Treasury for the purpose of providing perpetual liquidity in a ICE-USDC Decentral Games ICE pool on Polygon. ETH from initial Wearable NFT sales will be converted to USDC, combined with ICE, and put into this ICE-USDC Quickswap pool. The DG DAO Treasury will hold these LP tokens.

Player Earns ICE By Playing Poker

Decentral Games ICE Players use Chips to complete daily challenges and compete for ICE multipliers for placing in the daily leader board. Read more about how to earn and maximize ICE rewards here. A player purchases or receives delegation for an ICE NFT Wearable. This enables the player to earn ICE from playing poker with Chips. Read more about enabling play-to-earn through an ICE NFT wearable(s) here.

Decentral Games ICEPlayers burn ICE and existing NFT wear ables to mint new, rarer NFT wear ables. A higher ranked NFT yields a larger ICE bonus and a new, more exclusive look. Read more about the costs and benefits associated with minting higher ranked ICE NFTs here.

ICE Wear ables

Decentral Games ICE enable players to earn ICE by completing daily challenges playing poker with Chips. Players may view, buy, and delegate their iced NFT wear ables on the DG Account page. If you mint directly from the DG Marketplace, there is no activation fee. However, if you purchase an ICE Wearable from Open Sea or transfer an ICE Wearable to a new address, activation costs 500 DG.

Decentral Games ICE ICE wear able holders may delegate their NFT to a player who wants to play and earn for a revenue split of ICE rewards. The default is 60% ICE to the player and 40% ICE to the NFT owner, and the split increasingly favors the owner as they upgrade the wearable to higher ranks. XP is distributed only to the owner of the NFT.