What Is Day Of Defeat(DOD)? Complete Guide Review About Day Of Defeat.

Day Of Defeat

What Is Day Of Defeat(DOD)?

It is called the Day Of Defeat, because at the end the ultimate holder of $DOD has become victorious and takes the entire prize pool fund from the token contract; this payout will be specifically in BUSD. The day the prize fund pool is opened by the contract, will be announced as the “Day of Defeat”. The prize pool fund is specifically controlled by the smart contract and has no manual interaction, this wallet is locked until it is initiated automatically by the smart contract and the private key is destroyed. No one on the development team has access to the prize pool fund. The prize pool fund will be opened by the smart contract when the balance reaches 100,000,000 BUSD. Then the ultimate holder of $DOD can exchange their $DOD holdings for the prize pool. The exchange ratio will be 10 DOD:1 BUSD (or 1 DOD:0.1 BUSD).

You held out and lasted to the end; you get what you deserved. At the end pf the contract, $DOD has increased by approximately 10,000,000 times from the ICO price. The constant burning increases value time after time. Most projects today, developers are confused because they don’t have a clear direction in sight. Secondly, the trust crisis of human society has seriously affected Day Of Defeat judgment. Luckily, the emergence of block chain has solved most of these trust problems. The proof and integrity of this project is written into the smart contract, with the most important functions untouched by human interaction. $DOD is a decentralized digital asset created on the Binance Smart Chain with a destruction mechanism.

Day Of Defeat Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDay Of Defeat
Short NameDOD
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply99,999,900,000,000
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Setting up a BUSD prize fund pool

The prize pool can only be opened by the smart contract and the private key is destroyed. No one has the authority to open the prize pool wallet. 1 BUSD will be added to the prize pool fund for every 1,000,000 DOD burned, on average, and the overall value of the prize pool will reach about 100,000,000 BUSD. When there is 1,000,000,000 $DOD left, the destruction mechanism will be stopped, and the prize fund pool will be opened by the smart contract. At that time, $DOD holders can exchange their DOD into BUSD in the fund with a conversion ratio of 10 DOD:1 BUSD. After the funds are exchanged, DOD will be automatically destroyed, and the Day Of Defeat has been reached!

How to buy Day Of Defeat “DOD” token?

Day Of Defeat is a token issued on the Binance Smart Chain, which could be purchased on PancakeSwap. The method is as follows: open the wallet, enter the wallet browsing interface, open PancakeSwap, choose to exchange with BNB or BUSD, enter the DOD contract address 0xc709878167Ed069Aea15FD0bD4E9758CEb4Da193 in the tokens to be exchanged, and find the DOD, please use the contract to add instead of entering the token name, and then select the amount to exchange.

There is no anti-whale, why?

Day Of Defeat welcome a large number of whales to buy or sell, which will accelerate the progress of DOD destruction, and we are not worried about the price. The final price of $0.1 is a fact that no one can change. As time goes on, DOD will continue to be burnt. And the price will continue to rise and approach $0.1/DOD, no whale can stop and change this process.

Where does the project team come from, do you still need to recruit?

The team members are mainly in the United States and Canada. Day Of Defeat are not an organized team, but this all think that the guy who came up with this great idea is a genius. This think this project will be successful. They have no salary, only token distribution, but they believe will earn enough pensions. A coins need more talents to join the team.

They also need website designers, cryptocurrency engineers, professional marketing directors, legal consultants, art artists, video production experts, etc. They hope to build a global professional team, you can work from home and share team interests, because there are more great projects to be developed next.