What Is Dawn Wars(DW)?Complete Guide Review About Dawn Wars.

Dawn Wars

What Is Dawn Wars(DW)?

Dawn Wars Players need to make sure to meet few criteria to participate in Work. You must have at least one dog, and the dog is not dead. Enter “Work” in the main menu, click “Start” to start working, Under the Working state, your dog unable to perform other action such as Boss Battle, loading and unloading weapons or skins, Claim NFT. You only can make these action after “Work End”.

Under the Working state, all dogs of the player are defaulted to participate in the work together. Work allows the player to pledge Dawn Wars to obtain the acceleration multiples of Work. The multiples are 2 times, 4 times, 6 times, 8 times, and 10 times. Only one acceleration is allowed.

Dawn Wars Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDawn Wars
Short NameDW
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply703,200
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Dawn Wars Work to Earn and Receive Income

Players can withdraw the staked Dawn Wars tokens at any time, but there will be a penalty for withdrawing the tokens within a different period of time. Withdrawal of the tokens within 7 days will burn 50% of the DW. After 30 days, the user can withdraw DW tokens without penalty. 70% of burned DW will be destroyed directly, and 30% will enter the reward pool to be rewarded to the player. The actual Mining Power of the final player in the Work state = Mining Power of the dog * acceleration factor.

Receiving “Work” Income

Income generated by Work cannot be claimed separately. All incomes generated by Work will be included in DashBoard together with Boss Battle. Players need to obtain sufficient comprehensive combat power through Boss Battle to unlock the income and rewards generated by Work and Boss Battle. In previous guide, Dawn Wars mentioned about how to enter alpha test and also each function in game main menu. 

Dawn Wars is the first H5 game of CoPuppy metaverse developed based on the Cocos engine and is currently in the testing phase. In the game interface, there are a lot of cute dogs’ model, and the animation fight boss is also well displayed.

Participation in Boss Battle

The most effective way to obtain revenue in Dawn Wars is to obtain rewards through boss battles. Following condition are required for player to participate in boss battle:
· Have at least 3 dogs;
· Chose 3 dogs (not under state of death or working) to participate in the boss battle;
· The participated dog must have at least 50 ENG (stamina value);

Stamina Value

Stamina Value is one of the conditions to determine whether the dog can participate in Boss Battle. Although the stamina potions had been mentioned in Dawn Wars official documents, but your game guild have confirmed that in first patch of game, there will be no stamina potions. Therefore, players can only recover their stamina through time.

The initial stamina value and upper limit of the stamina value of each dog is 200, and each battle consumes 50 stamina points, and the dog’s stamina value will be restored 0.2 per minute. After calculation, each dog can conduct 9 boss battles per day. In the Work state, the dog’s stamina will also recover gradually, so if your dog’s stamina is below 50, always let him work for you!

Combat power and ranking

In the “Dashboard” on the main menu, players can check the comprehensive combat power of the last 7 days and the number of CPs they can receive. The system will reward you CP token based on the comprehensive combat power of your victory games yesterday. Note that this reward will be issued the next day, that is, your rewards after daily battles need to be collected on the next day.

Dawn Wars the “Ranking” on the main menu, you can check the total combat power rankings in daily and weekly list. The calculation of the combat power rankings is the comprehensive combat power of the daily user after the victory of the boss battle. Therefore, if the user does not engage in any boss battles for a day or fail to defeat any boss. You will not be able to accumulate comprehensive combat power on the leader board.