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What Is Darkland? (BIG) Complete Guide Review About Darkland.

What Is Darkland?

Darkland Coin is more than just an NFT IDLE Zombie Defense Game powered by blockchain technology. Built on BSC, it’s a massive open world that comes with a whole new perspective. Aside from Play-to-Earn mechanic with a rich story, Dark Land Survival offers a superior gaming experience with various gameplay modes and features such as campaign, dungeon, raid mode, construction mode, landlord, and more. All of which encourage players to keep playing and exploring.

Darkland Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDarkland Coin
Short NameBIG
Circulating Supply
Total Supply400,000,000
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Most of them come from the army or police. As an ex-soldier, they realize that the lowest level in society has no chance to escape. So they turn against the high class, and help poor people in the zombie pandemic. They use rifle guns like AKS-2K, M4X-A5, that can shoot continuously. They’re good fighters, agile and brave.

Smart Staking

Dark Land Survival team are ready to proudly launch our unique feature called:

  • When players press the “Start” button, they enter the “Quick Hunt – Campaign Mode”
  • Darkland In this mode, your Safe House will emit that noise that lures the zombies into attacking your territory. This is where you can face real dangers with chances to claim juicy prizes. Players will have to survive many stages with an increasing difficulty after passing each stage. That means more zombies, stronger waves, or even mutants in next stages will appear to make the players struggle.

PvP Mode: Dungeon PvP 1v3 (Hunting Arena)

In Dungeon – Hunting Arena, 4 players will engage in a 3 minute zombie battle. Players will be ranked by their stage completion time. Similar to Quick Hunt (Campaign Mode), they have to survive challenging waves of zombies to claim their rewards after the game. * Entering Hunting Arena costs players 20 DLA as participation fee, plus 2 energy.

The Darkland Coin cumulative participation fees will then be distributed to 2 winners (First place and Second place) as the rewards for finishing a Hunting Arena match. The remaining of said fees (in case of lack of winners) will be put back into the reward pool of Quick Hunt mode. 

Dungeon PvP 1v9 (Fight For Land):

  • Zombies are overwhelming on various lands (NFT), by searching for lands near by your position, users could enter the land, fight zombies
  • In Dungeon – Fight for Land, Survivor will go against 9 others. Who finishes this stage first will win a very valuable NFT Land with the amount of resources waiting to be exploited. In this mode the different difficulties will yield different land rarity and value.

Treasure Hunt mode

Darkland In Dungeon – Treasure Hunt mode, an event will take place in a certain Land area, where an item box will be placed and Survivor will have to spend 2 energy to get a chance to overcome 99 other opponents to win this special NFT treasure. Because the event takes place in a specific Land area, there will be certain advantages for the owner of the Land.3


2265, Earth, where human civilization has been flourishing for the past 80 years due to staggering technological breakthroughs. Off-world explorations, Mars colonization, Venus base establishment, and beyond Oort cloud zone expeditions have become familiar concepts. A special fleet was sent to the Alpha Centauri star system 70 years ago, with the ambition to go even further.

Since the Darkland Coin unsuccessful attempt of exploring the nearest planetary system, humanity has been divided by half, following two contradicting political spectrums. They want to invest heavily in bioengineered weapons and space science – with the ambition to go back to Alpha Centauri and establish the first interstellar colony in human history.


One early morning in August, at a science lab in Guam – Western Pacific, scientists in hazmat suits were debating a scientific name for a new variant of virus: Delta-X. They agree that Delta-X has the ability to inhibit sympathetic nerves and strengthen muscle tissue, increase hearing and vision. But in the opposite direction, it inhibits respiratory system, causing skin tanning, epidermolysis and bone edema.


The Darkland military was too busy protecting the evacuation process of the rich and the elites, no one really cares about civilians. At this point, whoever faster will live. Whether survive or not is up to God’s will. When the screams became hopeless, when the emergency phone lines were no longer working, they realized that they had to do everything to survive.


Caelum, the ultimate fortress in the sky, the last standing city of the humanity. Orbiting around the Earth, this safe haven is built by the rich and the elites to escape all the danger that scourging the globe. In order to get access to Caelum, one must be extremely rich, belong to the royalty or standing on top of their profession.


The Darkland Coin Resistance force was founded 65 years ago, when humanity failed to conquer the Alpha Centauri star system. The earliest members of this revolutionary faction consisted mainly of scientists, and the rest were populist politicians. These politicians hate the hypocrisy of the capitalist elite and the way they make money on the heads of the poor. And scientists criticize crazy experiments that don’t really care about the safety of the people.