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What Is Dark Matter (DKMT)? Complete Guide Review About Dark Matter.

What Is Dark Matter (DKMT)?

The game starts with the colonization of planets; once all the plots on a planet get colonized by players, a voting system will be launched to determine whether the planet adopts a federal governance or an empirical governance. Dark Matter As the governance style determined, high-level buildings, technology tree, weapon system, spaceship system will be unlocked with their own camp features. On top of this, armed players will compete with each other to further exploit limited resources, and forge their own fate in this game.

Another important use of tokens is to pay for the advertising costs of the project party. Anyone who wants to list any form of advertising on the platform must use 0xzx token as the settlement base currency. In addition, as mentioned earlier, a large part of the advertising revenue will be used to buy back tokens in the secondary market, which is also part of the token economics, in order to incentivize holders to contribute to the platform for a long time. In particular, 70% of advertising revenue will be used to repurchase tokens circulating in the secondary market.

Dark Matter Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDark Matter
Short NameDKMT
Circulating Supply3,385,212.83 DKMT
Total Supply999,999,999,999,999
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Interstellar colonization

Dark Matter As the technology upgraded, more high – level buildings unlocked, players will be armed with high – end armory and spaceship; which lays the foundation of future interstellar colonizing activities. Power and influences can be obtained through investing, conquering or forming an alliance with other players, which will grant you more land and resources.


Power and resources are the ultimate pursuits to human beings. Dark Matter To better protect your own land, a proactive invasion can be but the only choice for you. Curtain falls for an unpredictable, magnificent GOT – You are the main character.

Simulation Game

Dark Matter team have designed different environmental settings for different level of organizations under a planetary environment, players are permitted to form organization|tribe. While under a galaxy environment, players are permitted to build federation and empire. Under these two high – level governance, planetary organizations are asked to pay taxes for the access to protection, high – level buildings, mining right, bond-issuing right, currency-minting right, etc.

You can trade Dark Matter, building, spaceship, etc. on a built-in trading platform. By adopting different trading strategies, your commercial talent will be proved and exhibited. You can earn game resources without paying any cost in the game by working for other individuals. Authority and wealth can be gained through putting up different buildings with different functions on your own land. With these buildings you can mine or produce amory | equipment.

Star War

Tired of peaceful development? Furious under the attack of other fleets? Come and join the war! Whether it’s as the vanguard of the organization, Or as a strategic leader, you can fully experience the thrills of SLG in the interstellar! Dark Matter can also become an interstellar pirate that everyone knows, plundering caravans, land and even planets, all within your mind! The perfect spaceship system provides multiple types of ships ranging from shuttle ships to battleships/aircraft carriers to satisfy all your illusions about Star Wars.

Universe Exploration

Dark Matter Unlimited universe, unlimited exploration. Under a specially-designed mechanism, the system randomly generates a great number of galaxies and planets. Along with your friends, you may find your own Garden of Eden. Additionally, you may find ancient ruins and other interesting random events on your exploration.

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