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What Is Dark Frontiers(DARK)? Complete Guide Review About Dark Frontiers

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What Is Dark Frontiers(DARK)?

Dark Frontiers is a place where the survivors must be resourceful, imaginative and creative to live.  The game is about survival and mystery in breathtaking but cold and often lifeless scrivener. The name “Frontiers” originates from: borders between the known and unknown. “Dark” refers not only to the emptiness in space, but also to the dark yet beautiful scrivener the player will be exposed to. The ancient structures on these planeloads are a geometric puzzle waiting to be solved. The monoliths, left behind by an advanced civilization are covered with imagery that can only hint at their true form. For those brave enough to explore even the darkest corners of these planets, endless wealth awaits left behind by the creatures that have been inhabiting these galaxies for centuries. 

The players will be exposed to Dark Energies ($DARK) represented as BEP-20s which can be used within the game and are needed for performing actions and quests. In a first instance, it helps them forge and own land plots on different planet’s surfaces called “Terra Firma” represented as unique NFTs. Terra Firma translates as dry ground, which forms the new home for survivors after the destruction of earth. This paper gives an overview of the Dark Frontiers game mechanics and tokenomics across the galaxy. For more details, please consult the full whitepaper (coming soon).

Dark Frontiers Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameDark Frontiers
Short NameDARK
Circulating SupplyN\A
Total Supply250,000,000
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Hybrid Bloship Merging

Dark Frontiers Play with limited-edition hybrid technology spaceships! Make new, more powerful spaceships by merging two NFTs. Each merge will burn the former NFTs and will create new forms and features of your ship. NFT-based merging solution allows players to create and evolve their equipment in a very unique way. Burn two NFTs and get a more powerful spaceship.


Merging results occur randomly – as in the real world, different results are produced each time. Each ship’s blueprint holds hidden potential: appearance and different specs. Space rules apply – you can claim as much land as you want, on different planets as well. Just one condition, a lot of energy is required for this action. However, the more land you own, the more energy you can generate.

Meteor Strikes

Dark Frontiers The landscape across different planets is constantly changing and is always dangerous; it’s not uncommon that players will be struck by meteors while operating their businesses on the dark side of these celestial bodies. Luckily though players can still reap rewards from asteroids located within close proximity as they bring fresh resources into the game which provide alternatives ways farmers might go about maximizing profits beyond just $DARK Tokens alone.

Resources like Dark Ore, Dark Metal and Dark Fuel are new resources that get directly embedded into the land making each plot unique. This allows for further possibility of how you can utilize your Terra Firma at a later stage in the game. New property distribution to the land will be added via an on-chain RNG, giving this game a truly unique touch and farmers and land hunters a new angle to spot true gems in the NFT market. 


Dark Frontiers Quest based or free world discovery – you choose your path. Organic technology genome. Combine, create, mix, invest in new materials and build new items. Trade your assets in-game as well as in Game-starter’s marketplace.


Dark Frontiers project is incubated by Game-starter Originals as a standalone play-to-earn game featuring NFTs. Dark Frontiers will feature $DARK token and utilize $GAME as a boost in all transactions. $DARK token has no other monetary value outside the game. No taxes are applicable to holders of $DARK coin. However, if a holder of $DARK token chooses to their coins for fiat or digital currency, they may be subjected to taxation, depending on jurisdiction of residence. Game-starter or Dark Frontiers bears no responsibility for any taxation issues arising from surrendering of $DARK tokens on a secondary market. All rights reserved.

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