CyberTime Finance

What Is CyberTime Finance(DAOS)? Complete Guide Review About CyberTime Finance.

What Is CyberTime Finance(DAOS)?

CyberTime Finance have worked with Adesh Nandkishor Kolte to audit all of the code that powers CyberTime Finance. Adesh is an Independent Information Security Consultant focusing on security assessments (applications, infrastructures and smart contracts). Previously worked as bug bounty hunter with Multiple organizations like Microsoft (MSRC), Apple, Google, Zoho, Siemens etc.

They will create a smart contract where will send 30% of the tokens. Every day from the beginning of farming, the smart contract will burn 1% of tokens during the first 30 days. This will make burns almost every day almost until the end of November! And with the beginning of the next month coins will lock LP for 5 years.

CyberTime Finance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCyberTime Finance
Short NameDAOS
Circulating Supply75,212,776.00 DAOS
Total Supply77,417,234
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Self service & No-code platform

CyberTime Finance will create the simplest and most understandable platform for users. You don’t need to understand the code, calculate the complex mathematics of NFT winning, or engage in a sale. Just select an NFT to add to the Mystery Box, set the probability of winning each of them, set the price and start selling. The user needs to have a certain amount of CTF on the wallet. The amount will vary depending on the course, but the entry threshold will not be large and will not exceed $100.

Mystery Boxes Marketplace & Aftermarket

As a result, a completely new type of marketplaces based on Mystery Boxes may turn out. NFTs obtained from them can be sold on already created platforms or on coins, which they also want to develop. The new platform will be based on the Mystery Box Launchpad based on CyberTime Finance own project. The concept of Fantasy League, resident authors remains, only instead of auctions there will be Mystery Box with payment for DAOS.

Mystery Box Launchpad

Do you want to launch a Mystery Box under your own brand using your tokens? CyberTime Finance plan to implement such functionality as well. A new opportunity to involve users in the project, use your own infrastructure and tokens.

A company still have many different plans:

  • NFT transformation system from one rarity to another
  • NFT lottery module when NFT can be used in lottery

5% commission from each transaction

Now projects are being launched with 15% and CyberTime Finance believe that this is a lot. For developers at the start of the launch, this is good and quick money, but such a huge commission paralyzes the use of the token in the future. 5% is a very realistic figure for the long-term development of the project. Through Mystery Box #0 they will distribute 10.000 NFTs, which will be split 50/50 into 2 factions. Each user can form his own clan of NFT characters in support of a particular faction.

Fair launch with 0% team share

CyberTime Finance already have experience in launching tokens in the crypto space. I drew conclusions by studying the trends, a company plan to conduct a profitable and balanced launch. There will be only 1 stage of farming and 38% will be distributed, 30% will go to LP and will be blocked for 5 years, and another 30% will be burned in the first 30 days. The team participates in the distribution of tokens on a general basis!

Support for CTF & DAOS holders

CyberTime Finance don’t forget about your community and holders. You can get SAVENFT tokens using CTF & DAO Spools, and 0.75% of each transaction will go to the buyback of tokens. Therefore, with regular use of SAVENFT, CTF and DAOS prices will only rise. Of course, this product will be closely related to the CyberTime ecosystem.

After the implementation of the platform, are thinking of transferring the auctions to a system of drops through the Mystery Box and sale for DAOS. And to buy any Mystery Box, launch Launchpad, sell on the marketplace, you need to be a CTF holder. On the one hand, it does not apply anywhere, but gives exclusive rights to its holders.

Battle for influence

CyberTime Finance is divided into 12 districts and at the start 6 districts belong to each of the factions. Each region has its own “strength”. The greater the influence of an alien faction, the less the strength of one of the districts, so the faction must constantly defend its districts. Strength can be restored with LP protection. With influence tokens, players will receive rewards if their faction has more influence than their rival. Each area has its own storage. At the start, it will contain 1,000,000 DAOS each.

But as the tokens of influence are generated, some of them will be distributed across the districts. Thus, the value of capturing and defending the area is increased. The economy is built in such a way that it is profitable to choose one of the factions and try to seize full control of the city than to play on 2 sides. At the same time, users can carry out sabotage, store valuable characters of one faction, or try to sell them dearly on the secondary market.

Token Burning

CyberTime Finance will create a smart contract where they will send 30% of the tokens. Every day from the beginning of farming, the smart contract will burn 1% of tokens during the first 30 days. They will make burns almost every day almost until the end of November! And with the beginning of the next month coins will lock LP for 5 years. From the v3 version of the tokens and from the moment the NFT Mystery Box is launched, the CyberTime Pass system will operate.