Currentxchange Ico Review

Currentxchange Ico Review – Take Control Over What you See

About Currentxchange

Purple is the first economy to use positive attention as the only metric to assign value to digital content. Currentxchange use 5-level Geodomains*, and 5-minute Time Units, enabling meaningful locality and temporal dexterity. This lets your mapp cXc Music show you the most-loved music from any place in the world, at any time. And your listeners decide who tops the charts, every 5 minutes. As they move to WAX, things have changed slightly. A company will be doing Blue as BLUx rewards daily, not by TU.

Some of the rewards have changed, and will be published when finalized. All three tokens are on blockchain now, as described here. Top 64 charts will be paid 288 PURPLE per day, per mapp, budgeted for a over 100 mapp-years (1 mapp for 100+ years, or 10 mapps for 10+ years). Purple Explainer has the latest information. There are many other small changes that took place when putting this idea into code that have not yet been rectified in this document, though the ideas and dapps haven’t changed.

Currentxchange Key Information

Token NameCurrentxchange
Soft cap1,500,000 USD
Hard cap15,000,000 USD
Distributed in ICO50%
Tokens for sale17,915,904
AcceptingBTC, ETH, Fiat
Token SymbolPRP
Token TypeSMT
Price in ICO1.0000 USD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

The Game Change Team Behind Currentxchange

Currentxchange Ico Review - Take Control Over What you See

Local Exposure

Currentxchange Music (Beta) will include Top Music charts for every city, county, and state in the United States. Other nations will have national charts for now, with local charts coming to all according to how many active users are there. Upvotes (UPs) reward creators and make their content appear bigger on the map and higher on the Top Music charts. With 288 UPs available to each person per day, grassroots fans can make a difference on what music their community is exposed to.

Songs on local charts grow to larger charts, cities, states, and nations, like leaves grow to branches, and branches to the trunk of the tree. Each song has equal opportunity to grow into a big tree, known throughout the land and sea. Sol is a Tetrahedron, Blu a Merkaba, and PURPLE a icosahedron. A Big Up is 64 Sol, a 64-tetrahedron grid. You will see 12 as an integral part of cXc and Purple. Time units are 5 minutes (12 an hour, 288 a day), and each person can hold up to 288 Sol at a time.

How Charts work

The Concept

Without curation via charts, the map would quickly fill up with dots (music). With charts, only the music that has gotten Uped shows up. Charts compare how many Ups each musical creation has, and also exclude all music that has not gotten any Ups in the geotemporal space displayed. Charts are represented graphically in map display, and tabularly in list display (both shown below).

The Algorithm

The charting algorithm is geotemporal. A chart display is requested in the dimensions of location and Time Unit range, for instance, Maryland, USA from TU 65,000 – 124,000. The amount of Ups determines chart position. Ups include Blu Ups and Sol Ups equally weighted at 1. Big Ups have no extra value in the basic charting algorithm, they are worth face-value (64 Ups).


Guardians, Artists, and Changers

There are three guilds (formerly called roles) in Currentxchange Music. Each of these guilds are for verified users only, though anyone can join the Discord guild channels, and come with enhancements to the user experience through additional available actions and displays. Every verified user has the opportunity to be in all of these guilds, or none (as a level 0) at any time. Each guild operates independently of each other in terms of actions and reward.

  • Guardians protect the system from spam, correct false information, prevent fake accounts, and remove plagiarised music. 
  • Artists share music they create on cXc Music and post events. 
  • Changers Up music they like, add music anyone creates, and participate in the BLU/PURPLE exchange.

Technical Overview of Mapps

The mapping system is based on free and open-source software. Currentxchange are using GeoJSON data to store all of the locations, and mapping using LeafletJS, built on Open Street Map. The backend is built in PHP, and front end with jQuery. Data structures are designed to store the minimum amount of information needed to put information on the map. cXc does not store any of the media on cXc Music or any other Mapp.

IDs of content from supported services are stored and used to generate embedded player codes. When a user plays media it is requested from the third-party service. Results displays use the Purple algorithm to pull an ordered list of posts according to Content is then cached on the backend for minimal API pulls.

Launch and Logistics

Currentxchange Music is now online in Alpha version. Features are being added continuously. A company plan to start development on other applications only after cXc Music moves to Live. Code developed for cXc Music will be ported for other applications in the cXc Suite. cXc Mapps use cities as the smallest display of charts. Going up from cities we have counties, states, nations, and the Globe. Currently, jurisdictions smaller than a nation are available only in the United States, but this number we plan to grow soon. 

Each additional nation will be added in order of Ups by users in that country that are on the system, demand of the populous, and amount of ambassadors. Because of the internet, users all over the world will be able to join and become verified, allowing them to see and vote on content in the United States no matter where they live. Currentxchange will go where they are popular, one country at a time, until they have all nations on the Mapp. The completed infrastructure of the global chart system will be used to launch all Current X Change applications carrying the cXc name.