What Is Currency of Tau (AGRS)?

What Is Currency of Tau (AGRS)? Complete Guide Review About Currency of Tau.

What Is Currency of Tau (AGRS)?

Currency of Tau describe the systems Tau-Chain and Agoras, the former being a peer-topeer network which is fully and effectively defined by its users, and the latter being an economy built on those capabilities, facilitating economics of knowledge among other supporting aspects. Tau is a next-generation intelligent social network and discussion platform based on a newly proposed paradigm, termed here Human-Machine-Human Communication, offering a logic-based set of solutions to problems related to large-scale discussions, decision making, software development, artificial intelligence, philosophy of law, and more.

Intelligence is largely, perhaps entirely, a matter of appropriate selections. Intelligent beings occasionally seek to augment their potency in making profitable decisions in diverse settings, sometimes under weighty constrains. Nothing truly stands in the way of a sufficiently intelligent entity but Nature’s limits on the manipulation and storage of information. This observation renders intelligence as the only valuable resource. When one speaks of intelligence one often distinguishes between humans and machines. It seems that in each case intelligence bears a different meaning, and indeed, the ultimate goal of general artificial intelligence is to escalate machine intelligence to human level.

Currency of Tau Intelligence is a rather complex term, encompassing many categories pertaining to mental faculties and the intellect. One thing is, however, clear it evolves with time. Here, we may ask two questions. The first one is why should intelligence at all evolve? and the second one is by what means. The answer to the first question may be that as all other processes in nature, so does intelligence strive to flourish by constantly confronting new conditions that carry the imperishable promise of new problems. The answer to the second question is that in most part intelligence evolves by means of communication between individuals, cultures, and species.

Currency of Tau Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCurrency of Tau
Short NameAGRS
Circulating Supply18,000,000.00 AGRS
Total Supply42,000,000
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Human-Machine-Human Communication

Tau offers a new paradigm to address this long-standing problem, a paradigm which refer to as Human-Machine-Human Communication that solves this problem to a very large and generic extent. Tau is therefore useful for all kinds of collaborative theory formation and decision making and not only regarding its own code, as Currency of Tau shall emphasize later on.

They can even argue that your solution is a complete resolution of the problem x10 more participants will indeed yield at least x10 more outcome, in sharp contrast to how discussions currently scale. This set of solutions is rooted in two concepts which will be explained shortly the first is the usage of machine-comprehensible languages, and the second is the ability to maintain small scale aspects of discussions and decision making on a large scale. But before we touch those two points let discuss a bit legislation and voting.

Large-Scale Discussion Platform

Maintaining aspects of small-scale discussions in the large scale, like users to simply say their opinions without any need to organize them, yet all viewpoints and the relations between them should be automatically inferred. Currency of Tau takes the form of a discussion platform and a social network similar to existing ones, with friends and posts and comments.

The main difference is that users write in formal languages and further aspects derived from that. Ability to have discussions using formal languages. Discussions include opinions, questions, and answers. Discussions may also be implicit sporadic posts and comment across the network, yet about the same subject, may be counted as such.

Opinion Map

Currency of Tau A more detailed report of all opinions expressed in a discussion, ordered by implication in the logical sense. Observe that although they can expect a discussion of four people to contain four different opinions, they do not expect a discussion of a million people to contain a million different opinions, but many participants will hold the same (or overlapping) opinions and/or agree with each other. When a contradiction arises inside a worldview or between users (whether in the same discussion or not), the system will report the contradiction and offer ways to resolve it.