What Is Crystal Wallet (CRT)?

What Is Crystal Wallet (CRT)? Complete Guide Review About Crystal Wallet.

What Is Crystal Wallet (CRT)?

The Crystal Wallet and the Website are intended for general informational purposes only and does not constitute a prospectus, an offer document, an offer of securities, a solicitation for investment, or any offer to sell any product, item or asset (whether digital or otherwise). The information herein may not be exhaustive and does not imply any element of a contractual relationship.

There is no assurance as to the accuracy or completeness of such information and no representation, warranty or undertaking is or purported to be provided as to the accuracy or completeness of such information. Where the Whitepaper or the Website includes information that has been obtained from third party sources, the Foundation, the Distributor, and/or the CRT team have not independently verified the accuracy or completion of such information.

Crystal Wallet Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCrystal Wallet
Short NameCRT
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply980,000,000
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Failure to develop

There is the risk that the development of the Crystal Wallet platform will not be executed or implemented as planned, for a variety of reasons, including without limitation the event of a decline in the prices of any digital asset, virtual currency or CRT, unforeseen technical difficulties, and shortage of develop-ment funds for activities.


Hackers or other malicious groups or organisations may attempt to interfere with CRT and/or the Crystal Wallet platform in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, malware attacks, denial of service attacks, consensus-based attacks, Sybil attacks, surfing and spoofing. Furthermore, there is a risk that a third party or a member of the Foundation, the Distributor or its affiliates may intentionally or unintentionally introduce weaknesses into the core infrastructure of CRT and/or the CRT platform, which could negatively affect CRT and/or the CRT platform.

Other risks

In addition, the potential risks briefly mentioned above are not exhaustive and there are other risks (as more particularly set out in the Terms and Conditions) associated with your purchase, holding and use of CRT, including those that the Foundation or the Distributor cannot anticipate. Such risks may further materialist as unanticipated variations or combinations of the aforementioned risks.

Crystal Wallet You should conduct full due diligence on the Foundation, the Distributor, its affiliates and the CRT team, as well as understand the overall framework, mission and vision for the CRT platform prior to purchasing CRT.

Inadequate disclosure of information

As at the date hereof, the CRT platform is still under development and its design concepts, consensus mechanisms, algorithms, codes, and other technical details and parameters may be constantly and frequently updated and changed. Although this white paper contains the most current information relating to the CRT platform, it is not absolutely complete and may still be adjusted and updated.

Uncertain Regulations and Enforcement Actions

The regulatory status of Crystal Wallet and distributed ledger technology is unclear or unsettled in many jurisdictions. The regulation of virtual currencies has become a primary target of regulation in all major countries in the world. It is impossible to predict how, when or whether regulatory agencies may apply existing regulations or create new regulations with respect to such technology and its applications, including CRT and/or the CRT platform.

Regulatory actions could negatively impact CRT and/or the CRT platform in various ways. The use of any company and/or platform names or trademarks herein (save for those which relate to the Foundation, the Distributor or its affiliates) does not imply any affiliation with, or endorsement by, any third party. References in the Whitepaper or the Website to specific companies and platforms are for illustrative purposes only.