What Is Cryptosoccergames? (CSK) Complete Guide Review About Cryptosoccergames.

What Is Cryptosoccergames? (CSK) Complete Guide Review About Cryptosoccergames.

What Is Cryptosoccergames?

Cryptosoccergames is a BSC-hosted NFT blockchain game that has unique and innovative features that allow its users to participate directly and without limits in the economy. The self-sustaining model of the Crypto soccer game has been designed and developed by unifying the best features of blockchain games and adding a fun, competitive, fair and totally innovative game system for users.

Crypto soccer is based on a system of direct participation by users in each of the available options such as: trading of teams, stadiums, Coaches and sponsorships as well as participation in leagues, tournaments and duels. Options with an intuitive, fast and fair game system for everyone. This participation system coupled with the economic system of the game is what makes it possible for players to receive rewards.

Cryptosoccergames Coin has been developed under the main characteristic that a Game must have and that is to give hours of fun to the user. In addition to a new economic system that will allow each player to generate UNLIMITED income without affecting the economy of the game based on a system of participation for each player in fully competitive duels.

Cryptosoccergames Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name Spacegrime
Short NameCSC
Max Supply 300,000,000
Total Supply300,000,000
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Reward system

The process of analysis, development and implementation of the Crypto soccer economy has been based on 2 essential fundamentals of the real economy and giving a total utility to the native token of the CSC game that corresponds to the ONLY means of interaction with the game modes and assets crypto soccer digital INCOME AND EXPENSES: For an economy to be sustainable and balanced, it is essential to have inflows and outflows of money. For this reason Crypto soccer has developed a new economy within blockchain games based on these 2 essential fundamentals of the economy that will mark a new stage in the ecosystem


Cryptosoccergames will have a variety of assets that will give the user the possibility to increase their daily income and statistics of their team, which will provide an increase in the chances of being victorious in each match.


The lineups in Crypto soccer adapt to each team according to your strategy.By acquiring your team you also get an alignment with which you can start winning in the Crypto soccer game.In addition to the alignment you get with the team, you will have another 4 more to be able to buy with the CSC token that can make you earn more according to the statistics of your teamA good use.

The alignments that coordinate with the team will lead you to better control your rival and be able to win more games always obtaining great profitsBuying lineups is NOT mandatory, it only depends on the game mode of each personMore lineups will be added to the store in future updates


Cryptosoccergames Coin crypto soccer you will have the option of hiring Coaches who will help you increase the statistics of your team which will allow you to have a greater chance of victory in each match. Each coach has special characteristics, you only have to hire the one that best suits your team and game strategies. The Trainers can only be traded in the game market only with the CSC currency. You can also get coaches in special events like leagues and tournaments. The scarcity of this element will help create a better economy based on the scarcity of supply and demand from Crypto soccer users.


In Crypto soccer you will have the opportunity to acquire sponsorships for your team which will allow you to generate greater rewards in the CSC token by completing the daily missions. Each sponsorship has a special contribution quota and varies according to its sponsorship category. Like stadiums and coaches, sponsors can only be purchased in the market with the CSC token, and in some special events and tournaments. These sponsorships will be very precious and will be limited, which will generate a scarcity and a good atmosphere towards the project, giving utility to the CSC token and to the market itself.


The Cryptosoccergames token is Crypto soccer’s native token that allows players to purchase in-game assets such as teams, stadiums, strategies, and coaches to boost their earnings.CSC will also be used as a reward token and entry currency for game modes such as: Duel, League and Tournaments. A percentage of CSC tokens will be burned from each purchase transaction and entry to special events, this to generate organic growth in the value of the token while maintaining a healthy economy within the game.