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What Is CryptoShips(CSHIP) ? Complete Guide Review About CryptoShips

What Is CryptoShips(CSHIP) ?

CryptoShips is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)-based online game that rewards players with actual money as they play. To get on board, you’ll have to sign up for a digital wallet such as MetaMask and open boxes for unique NFT ships which based on famous ships accross the world.Get reward token from racing and trading against each other.

CryptoShips (CSHIP) Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCryptoShips
Short NameCSHIP
Circulating SuppllyN/A
Max Supply100,000,000
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CryptoShips Each Ships has 4 stats points:

  • Speed.
  • Power.
  • Steering.
  • Oil.

CryptoShips As a player in CryptoShips your mission is to win the fighting (Training, PvC, PvP, Ships battle ) to get Exp and earn token. When you gain enough experience points, you can to upgrade your ship level.

PvC ​

CryptoShips PvC Mode: The Mode that players need to use personal skills to control the fighter to fight with ships, to win a certain number of points. And those points will be exchanged for each level that the player will receive in-game $CSHIP.

Upgrade Ships

CryptoShips Ship Upgrade: where your ship is upgraded and modified to increase speed, power and important stats needed to participate in PvC, PvP, etc.

  • Body upgrade: increase ships durability
  • Weapon upgrade: increase strength and combat power

Play to Earn Model

CryptoShips New players need to buy Ships on Marketplace to start playing game. When completing the mission, the player will receive materials to upgrade level or build new Ships that can be sold for money.


Win Traning, PvC, PvP.

Sell materials/items.

Sell ships.

Win Ships Battle.

Ships Rarity

CryptoShips There are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary rarity with Legendary being the highest/rarest one. The differences between these rarities include:

  • Win-rate: This is what you can’t see but will heavily affect your ROI (luck affects too, since it’s statistics). Your chance of being the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th with Common/Uncommon ships is 3.75/25/35/30/6.25 (%), and with Rare/Epic/Legendary ships is 4.75/25/35.5/30/4.75 (%).
  • Oil Capacity: Common/Uncommon/Rare ships have 60 oil capacity, Epic ships have 75 oil capacity, and Legendary ships have 90 oil capacity. If you’re good at math, you can make your own calculation and see that Rare/Epic/Legendary ROI is 3-4 days shorter than Common/Uncommon ships. That’s about right.
  • Stats: Power affects your contribution in The Great War, Speed, Steering and LVL affect your ability in PvP (hint: PvP will be similar to training but you will versus ships from other captains and guess what, in real-time and higher reward).


$CSHIP is the CryptoShips token name. $CSHIP contract address is 0x6218079f1a5d50d3a8358093699b9943a662ef7c.

Advisor: 0xb93ddbAba07F88275741DBd1D618a7D61dFBB78a. Hard-locked for 3 months on 25/11/2021, then monthly vesting for 24 months. Total 27 months.

Core Team: 0x45581ba0747151451e2547633b4Ba18d8898AeC2. Hard-locked for 27 months on 24/11/2021, no vesting.

Marketing: 0xBe7C80740DA5201743c6ef1Db8039f31A9bB929E. Hard-locked for 3 months on 25/11/2021, then monthly vesting for 24 months. Total 27 months.

Platform Development: 0x25C07AD5fE60037c21c8F53c3ceA59e8C02a581C. Hard-locked for 3 months on 25/11/2021, then monthly vesting for 24 months. Total 27 months.

Other Wallets

  • Withdraw: 0xBa4b8b1d5205a605755a72C412562217B07d747D.
  • Play To Earn #1: 0xE8055fD44e22B28b15a61810420F83b91477f152.
  • Play To Earn #2: 0xD062934E92AD59d008d6173EEE77B90c167eC5Bd.
  • Play To Earn #3: 0x74d49eD81aDC756addB6B8A80692dD3bB3E434d1.
  • Play To Earn #4: 0x8eA52f24fbC9AFD7fd2af26B0a618Ca3958F4a80.

Outside Game:

  • Trading on DEXs.
  • Staking (planned).

Tokens Flow:

CryptoShips Tokens flow chart gives you a better understanding about how $CSHIP tokens are circulating inside and outside CryptoShips. Fees with “fire” symbol on top mean burnt fees/burning mechanism.


BigchainDB is a high performance database with blockchain characteristics.

Why choose BigchainDB to establish all game logics instead of traditional blockchain?

  • No Transaction Fees: All players transactions will be done without any blockchain transaction fees. This saves our players money.
  • High Performance: All transactions can be done instantly without waiting time like blockchain systems.
  • Queryable: That friendly with developers.
  • All Blockchain Characteristics: Decentralization & Immutability that make our players data is safe and transparent on BigchainDB. No one can change the data after it is initialized on BigchainDB.