What Is Cryptoisland? (CISLA) Complete Guide Review About Cryptoisland.

What Is Cryptoisland? (CISLA) Complete Guide Review About Cryptoisland.

What is Cryptoisland?

Cryptoisland Coin Launched on 21 august 2021 by a international team of entrepreneurs, Crypto Island is a community driven blockchain based token set to buy a private island which will be co-owned by its holders to operate as a fully decentralized island. It is set to tighten the gap between the digital and physical world with the island as its hub and getaway resort. CISLA will be your pass to the island and also the one and only payment method on the island as well as purchases on the website and community app.

All communication on and off the island will be guided through the community app. The app will function as the system and ledger for the island and its financials. There will be a special voting system integrated in the app where people will receive points based on their activity in the community and their willingness to help other community members. With these points they’ll receive voting rights in all the decision making regarding the further development of this project.

Cryptoisland Coin Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCryptoisland Coin
Short NameCISLA
Circulating Supply
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
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What Makes Crypto Island (CISLA) Unique? 

Cryptoisland Coin is a blockchain based token which is solely community driven. Every development will be guided by the community’s choices. The unique voting structure makes it fully decentralized and therefore a completely new kind of ecosystem. By buying a real private island as the pillar of this project, Crypto island will lessen the gap between the digital and physical world through all the benefits that the blockchain and decentralization has to offer.

10% fee be used for

The 10% fee is necessary to keep the liquidity pool sufficient and guarantee the purchase of the island. The distribution of the fee will be:

  • 3% for purchasing the Crypto Island
  • 3% for maintaining a healthy liquidity pool
  • 2% for the marketing funds
  • 2% holders reward

How Many Crypto Island (CISLA) Tokens Are There in Circulation?

Crypto Island launched on 21 august 2021 with 1 trillion tokens created. Crypto Island burned approximately 250,000,000,000 tokens or 25 percent of the total supply. As of 23 november 2021 there are a total of 513,121,942,535 tokens circulating. There is a ten percent tax associated with each sale, which is redistributed to the following; •3% for the purchase of the island. •3% redistributed to the liquidity pool (LP) •2% for all the marketing activities •2% as a holders reward

Revolutionizing Real Estate and NFTs

Cryptoisland encourage business, non-profit organizations and individuals to join the community. By owning CISLA (Crypto Islands Native Token) or by holding any Crypto Island NFT, you become a community member and Co-Owner of Crypto Island, joining an innovative change that will revolutionize Real Estate forever.

The 1st island: Bahamas

Crypto Island is focused on developing a complete ecosystem driven and guided by its community. This ecosystem will be implemented on the first island they will buy on the Bahamas as a proof-of-concept. During the island exploration tour with half of the team they chosen for the Bahamas as the host country.

They are known as one of the crypto friendliest countries in the world, and they built a good relationship with the Bahamian government.

Community be involved in the decision making

The Cryptoisland Coin whole process of this project is built upon the community, so the community will have voting rights in every decision from choosing the location of the island, and amenities on the island to presenting and voting on board members and key figures.

By contributing to the community, they earn certain loyalty points. Based on how many points they’ve earned, they will be categorized in different tiers. Once you’ve reached silver tier, you will get more voting rights and get access to the bigger decision making polls.

Token play in the ecosystem

Not only will they purchase the island with help of this token, but the token will also be the native and only payment method on the island itself. It will also be the only payment option for the merchandise and in-app purchases in the community app. This token is basically the red thread throughout the whole project.