What Is CryptoGuards (CGAR)? Complete Guide Review About CryptoGuards.


What Is CryptoGuards (CGAR)?

In a far and distant future, humans are on the verge of extinction from years of battling climate change and pollution. CryptoGuards Humans have become drastically dependent on robots and artificial technology for everything. Dr. Devais, one of the few survivors, is working on a technology that would “bring mechanics to life” to restore the human race. His first robot, SO-I was not as expected. It malfunctioned, became frantic, obedient, and ran away shortly after the chip installation. Dr. Devais thought there must be something missing with his chips.

He kept his remaining 2 robots in the lab, continued to improve and upgrade in hope that they would become “friendlier” machines. CryptoGuards The doctor is also working on a separate type of chips and has been experimented, not on robots, but cars. He hopes to transform them into smarter machines and eventually succeeds. The cars come to life, along with that a dedicated town was created to serve as home to these special cars. Car stops/workshops of a unique type of fuel can be found across the city. Only when loaded with this fuel will the chips be activated.

CryptoGuards Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCryptoGuards
Short NameCGAR
Circulating Supply14,000,000.00 CGAR
Total Supply100,000,000
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To the moon

In another scenario, SO-I, the one imbued with the smart chips who went bananas on the doctor and ran away, comes to a big city to take over the world. CryptoGuards SO-I knew about the green fuel that the old doctor was experimenting on and was scheming to steal it but couldn’t find the mining location. The only place he could steal it, for now, is in the cars and the workshops. Then, SO-I kidnapped the doctor to get his hands on the whereabouts of the deposit but the doctor resisted. Before being taken, he activated the remaining 2 cat robots, Neik and Mau.

After the activation, Neik and Mau were programmed to keep the car town and the fuel mine safe. They contacted Fishie, the mayor, to discuss 2 plans: the town protection plan and the rescue of Dr. Devais plan. They realized during the discussion that cars can not protect themselves. Dr. Devais did not arm them with any weapons to do so.

CryptoCity Metaverse Guardians! Assemble

The aliens invade quickly and drastically, taking apart the cars, scavenging for the green fuel. The remaining citizens can’t not fight back. They can’t hold it for much longer! There is no time for Neik to get back to the lab. He hides in a remote part of the town to build more advanced robots, who will serve as the next generation of warriors to protect the town.

A virtual world

This is, in CryptoGuards opinion, the most important characteristic of a Met averse. You could explore it using your own computer, mobile, wearable technology, or other devices, experiencing 3D graphics and sound along the way at your own home. The idea is that this makes you feel more interactive with people in the metaverse. Staying in your living room, wearing a VR and enjoying your immersive racing games or flight in the sky, meeting other racers, or saying hello to pilots in Crypto Planes, that’s what they are aiming to and trying your best to bring it into reality.

CryptoCity Metaverse

CryptoGuards Metaverse is a parallel world to the real one, which connects people and projects together.In the CryptoCity Ecosystem, players have the right to own valuable super cars, modern fighter jets, and workshops, fighting guns to join in the immersive games. In addition to CryptoCars, CryptoPlanes, and CryptoGuards, in the future CryptoCity will have a lot of features, modes, and developments with more connections.


With the success of CryptoCars and Crypto Planes, continuing the CryptoCity Metaverse story series, the team continues to work together to release a new project – CryptoGuards. Below are the members that you are probably not strang to, CryptoGuards will still take the present and future projects higher together and will not rest until the end with your supporters.