What Is Cryptoforspeed (CFS)? Complete Guide Review About Cryptoforspeed.

What Is Cryptoforspeed (CFS)? Complete Guide Review About Cryptoforspeed.

What Is Cryptoforspeed (CFS)?

CryptoForSpeed is an NFT-Based Card Game, which brings innovation for GameFi field so that players can enjoy the joy of collecting NFT Auto cards while earning rewards. In a word, Players can obtain CFS token rewards through various play patterns In the game. It should be emphasized that the NFT cards in the CryptoForSpeed are obtained by staking LP.

After 60 days, players can release and unstake the LP, which means that the NFT cards are free to some extent! (Check more details on next phase)We will launch various peripheral products based on the CryptoForSpeed platform. The players who own NFT cards will get surprises more than expected in the future.

Chivatoken Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCryptoforspeed
Short Name(CFS)
Circulating Supply100,000,000.00 CFS
Total Supply100,000,000
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Key Features


CryptoForSpeed allows users to get blind boxes by staking LP instead of buying, users would have more incentives to join because they could unstake and get their LP back after 60days. Meanwhile, the more users join, the more liquidity the game provides. (More details in later articles of this series)For better understanding, let’s talk about this case:Let me give you an example. If you want to get 1 blind box with an auto NFT card inside, just imagine what should you do on other platforms?

You will connect your wallet and approve something and swap it, where is your money? Goes into game address, I’m not saying it’s not correct, it’s a normal process. But, we give it the new way. In CryptoForSpeed, it’s simple, You should add LP in the Pancake firstly, the LP value is 0.5 BNB, so you add the LP and it’s worth 0.5BNB.Now you can go to website, and tap the button, the button with the function is not the purchase button you understand, the function of this button is to stake your LP valued at 0.5 BNB, then you can get 1 blind box with Auto NFT-card, you can use it to mine CFS TOKEN.


CryptoForSpeed mining is based on ROI(Return On Investment) instead of using a fixed number. Let’s make it clear, The mining on CryptoForSpeed is a dynamic process with a flexible rewarding strategy. In short, you will get more CFS(mining TOKEN) when CFS’s price slid.

NFT-Based Auto cards

There are 8 brands of CryptoForSpeed. Each brand has an auto model in the early stages. More auto models will be added to the game after the synthetic system has been released. Each auto model called Auto card has a different speed and HashPower, which represents its ability to mining CFS tokens. (Refer it later)

So there are 8 types of Autos in the CryptoForSpeed. Speed is “HashPower” from the rank of 1 to 5, which reflects the efficiency of mining on Daily Racing.

How to get auto cards?

1. Participate in Pre-sale

Players will qualify for participating in pre-sale by completing the whitelist task and earning enough entries. You can draw 1 auto card by investing 0.5BNB in Pre-sale(these will be covered later). Each user who gets the pre-sale qualification can draw up to 4 auto cards(2 BNB). Each time a player draws an NFT auto card, he will get the LP token (0.25BNB and 7500CFS) CFS-BNB-LP with the initial value of 0.5bnb. The LP token can be Unstake after 60 days, noted the auto card will not disappear; A total of 2000 NFT auto cards are distributed totally through pre-sale. The user who participates in the pre-sale will get the LP token(Stake) can be Unstake after 60 days.

2. Draw auto cards in the game

You can draw auto cards in the game as well. Firstly, you need to get LP tokens(CFS-BNB-LP) by stake LP with a value of 0.5bnb in the pancake, then you can draw auto cards once by stake LP in the CryptoForSpeed; Noted: The LP token can be Unstake after 60 days, and the auto card will not disappear. (You can tap the Unstake after 60days then get your LP released.)

3. Buy it in the Market

Use CFS to buy others’ auto cards in the Market. In the Market transaction, but the buyer can only get the NFT auto cards and will not get the LP token that used to get it before at the same time.


CFS is a CryptoForSpeed TOKEN with BEP-20 protocol, with a total of 100 million.

15% CFS and half of BNB from pre-sale will be added to LP(in Pancake).

80% for mining;

5% team reserved (After 100days, are subject to linearly releasing in 10 months, and release 10% every month)