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What Is CryptoBay (BAY)? Complete Guide Review About CryptoBay.

What Is CryptoBay (BAY)?

CryptoBay game play focuses on PVP and PVE. Challenge yourself with a wide variety of game modes 1v1 Arena, 3v3 Arena, Adventure (PvE), Treasure Hunt and Special Events. Get ready to face pirates according to your level to gain experience and evolve your ship. Now it’s your turn to bargain! bet against another player and fight! The winner takes the entire Battle Room prize.

CryptoBay Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCryptoBay
Short NameBAY
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply900,000,000
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A full CryptoBay immersion. Quests are a treat for the player who wants something more relaxing, but without losing the excitement of being a great pirate of the seas. Carry big treasures, search for big treasure on the map, open treasure for big rewards. The treasure map is the key to lead you to find the treasure chest. Captains, start your treasure map journey, defeat the pirates along the way, and find the treasure map. The treasure chest mission rewards you a treasure chest. Open the treasure chest and you will be rewarded random treasures chests.


CryptoBay Big Tournament has begun! The tournament allows captains to participate together, using a knock-out method, and the final winner will receive a large number of rewards.

Boss Fight

CryptoBay Players can challenge the boss once by paying once. There are points for every challenge. You can challenge multiple times by paying multiple times. The points for each challenge are independent. Finally, the bonus is distributed according to the points ranking.

The Pretender Boss lore

  • Deserters from the royal naval fleet occupied The Pretender, a ship destined for great wars.
  • Build is a fusion of a Warship, Destroyer and Cruiser.
  • The ebony wood used on the outside has the ability to withstand the most powerful cannons in the world of CryptoBay.
  • As it is legendary, it will take a great fleet of ships to be brought down.
  • Come on Captain, what are you waiting for? Think of the riches The Pretender Boss hides under your deck?


With a robust tier system CryptoBay ships are much more than NFT. They have a meaning. The ship is made by modern technology using the bones of ancient creatures, dinosaurs. The keel, sail, gunwale, bow, cabin, and stern of the ship are made of dinosaur spine, paws, legs, skull, ribs, and tail as the main materials. They correspond to the skill, speed, defense, attack, space, morale 6 stats. The harbor can improve the game play. Into de Harbor you can improve. Energy recovery efficiency, Shipbuilding, Produce many thing.


The blockchain world and the real world will all be metaverse worlds. Blockchain games will play a very important role in the metavers. In blockchain games, play-to-earn will be the way many users work in real life. Cryptobay is honored to be able to pull a corner of the curtain in this great experiment of change. Next, let each of enjoy and have fun in the CryptoBay metaverse .


Pearl token plays the most central role in the CryptoBay metaverse. This years of experience in the game market, 7 years of market experience in blockchain projects. Responsible for marketing and market planning. Financial management experience. Responsible for the finance, budget, investment of the entire company.

To senior game development engineer, 8 years of experience in blockchain projects, responsible for the architecture of the CryptoBay game and the main contract development. Users can now battle against each other and earn daily rewards by completing daily tasks. GameFi and Play2Earn live stream and learn about Radio Caca, ZOO Crypto World, and Crypto on October 5 at 12 pm UTC via Binance Live.


There is no exact time for the CryptoBay of the harbor, because our design philosophy is that all items in the entire system are produced by users. In other words, the harbor undertakes this core economic link of the production of goods&items in the entire system. Therefore, the launch of each function of the harbor depends on the carrying capacity of the current economic system.

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