What Is Crypto Mushroomz (SHROOMZ)?

What Is Crypto Mushroomz (SHROOMZ)? Complete Guide Review About Crypto Mushroomz.

What Is Crypto Mushroomz (SHROOMZ)?

Crypto Mushroomz is a deflationary friction less yield product with it’s own token called SOUL and DSL. Initially the number of SOUL tokens is equal to the number of citizens of earth. With every transaction 2% of the SOULS gets condemned forever and lost in hell. Yet another 8% gets another chance of survival in a shattered form in wallets of all remaining holders. Holders do not need to stake or wait for fees to be delivered. Fees are awarded by the smart contract and are immediately goes to holders balance.

Crypto Mushroomz Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCrypto Mushroomz
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply500,000,000
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SOUL Mechanism

Soul is a deflationary friction less yield token and will be used to buy the upcoming NFT’s. When a user buy or sell a 1,000,000 SOUL, they will be charged with a 10% fee which is equal to 100,000. These 100,000 Soul will be split in to two. 2% of it which is equal to 20,000 SOUL will be burn and 8% of it which is equal to 80,000 soul will be shared by holders depending on how much soul you have. Thus, the buyer will only receive 900,000 SOUL.


Welcome to the random SOULS studio and gallery. Crypto Mushroomz the APOYield team, but some people call us Horse Men – due to our heritage. random SOULS is a randomly generated NFT token available on BSC. It’s the first series created by your team hence it will always be the most important one. Keep that in mind.

Algorithmic Pricing Details

Algorithmic Pricing Details In exchange for SOUL or DSL our collectors pay to mint a randomly generated random SOULS piece based on the hard coded price formula (using a curve). The more random SOULS in existence, the more expensive it becomes to mint the next random SOUL. As a random SOUL collector (SOULdier), you can choose to burn your piece at any time, yet only the Legendary rarity random SOUL will bring huge reward.

But be quick, there are no fixed rewards. Whoever is first takes the entire pool. If your purchase was with DSL – you get the entire DSL reward pool, same goes for SOUL purchases. If there are more random SOULS in circulation, then the floor price of your piece will be higher.Each purchase increases the mint price by 0.25%. But why, in Van Gogh’s name, would you want to burn your priceless artworks?


The price curve is nonlinear, starting at 0.05 BNB (in SOUL or DSL) for a random SOULS piece. Each new piece increases the price by 0.25%. Your art is protected and yours for life (unless you burn it). Every random SOUL is stored as its hash on BSC and can be auto-generated directly from the smart contract into an SVG blob. Thus, if this website goes away, you would always be able to own and view your random SOUL.

Crypto Mushroomz It uses the ERC 721 NFT standard, and uses the ‘image_data’ field from Open Sea to enable the metadata to be more readily viewed by others (as opposed to directly pulling it from BSC). This code is currently unaudited. Caution is advised unless you want to take the risk. However, like all great art, they hope to be around for centuries.

How to Buy $SOUL

If you’re already set up and support BSC in your wallet, simply use out your Token Contract Address on any of your partner exchanges or just click the link to directly go to each exchanges. Its normal that it will show the transaction may be front run. Why would Crypto Mushroomz need to increase the slippage to 11 or higher%? Its because of your tokenomics $SOUL works by applying a total of 10% fee to each transaction where 8% is split among all token holders depending of how many $SOULS you hold, where the remaining 2% is used to decrease the SOUL total supply.