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What Is Crypto Dice Hero (HRO)? Complete Guide Review About Crypto Dice Hero.

What Is Crypto Dice Hero (HRO)?

Collect unique and valuable hero character cards, not only NFT, but also warriors of Crypto Dice Hero mainland. Before the continent of Irushiel was invaded by unidentified time-space creatures, you were a gambler who wandered around the casinos of the continent. Before the door of the void where the monster descended from the sky opened, an old warlock found you who fell down at the entrance of the casino.

The old warlock asks you to solve the disaster that is about to occur, resolve the crisis, and tell you the secret of the dice in your hand there is huge energy in the dice. To release the power, you need to summon heroes on the continent and enchant your dice and heroes. The hero will generate multiple power attributes. Control more powerful dice heroes to defeat monsters and destroy the Void Gate.

Crypto Dice Hero Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCrypto Dice Hero
Short NameHRO
Circulating Supply20,000,000.00 HRO
Total Supply100,000,000
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Dice and heroes can be enchanted. The heroes enchanted by the dice will generate multiple power attributes. The number and value of the generated attributes depends on the random number of the blockchain and the quality of the hero. “Liquidity” is central to how Crypto Dice Hero Exchange works. You can add liquidity for any token pair by staking both through the Liquidity page. In return for adding liquidity, you’ll receive trading fees for that pair, and receive LP Tokens you can stake in FARMS to earn rewards.

Liquidity Providers earn trading fees

Providing liquidity gives you a reward in the form of trading fees when people use your liquidity pool. Whenever someone trades on Crypto Dice Hero, the trader pays a fee, which some of is added to the Liquidity Pool of the swap pair they traded on. To make being a liquidity provider even more worth your while, you can also put your LP tokens to work whipping up some fresh yield on the Farms Section while still earning your trading fee reward.

NFT Marketplace

The Crypto Dice Hero market is where you create, sell, and buy NFT digital content. In addition, you can initiate NFT auctions, earn commissions from affiliate programs, and build your favorite NFT collection. Use the 24H volume to calculate the fee share of liquidity providers in the pool (based on the 0.17% trading fee structure). Yield Farming in Farms is a great way to earn rewards from or it’s Partners. Unlike Pools, Farms require you to stake two tokens to get LP Tokens, which you then stake in the Farm to earn rewards. This lets you earn REWARDS while still keeping a position in your other tokens.

Adding liquidity

To provide liquidity, you’ll need to commit an amount of any token pair you like. Your lowest value (in USD) of the two tokens will be the limit to the liquidity you can provide. You can easily trade for any tokens you need. Visit your How to Trade on Crypto Dice Hero guide if you need to. In this example, they will add liquidity using BNB and FRT. The Farm Base APR is calculated according to the farm multiplier and the total amount of liquidity in the farm — this is the amount of CAKE distributed to the farm.


Crypto Dice Hero brings farms from as many sites as possible. More partners more growth. Easier management for the users. From pancake swap to Farm, Olive Cash to Buffalo swap. All accessible and managed through Armageddon. Yield Farms allow users to earn REWARDS while supporting your partners by staking LP Tokens. Check out your How to Use Farms guide to get started with farming. Because when you stake your LP tokens in a farm to earn REWARDS, you’re still providing liquidity to the liquidity pool, so you earn LP rewards as well.


What Is Crypto Dice Hero (HRO)? Complete Guide Review About Crypto Dice Hero.
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