Crypto Champ

What Is Crypto Champ (CHMP)? Complete Guide Review About Crypto Champ.

What Is Crypto Champ (CHMP)?

Ben is also the hero of anime. Team is building a platform where holders will be able to watch educational anime videos and also buy NFTs of popular Anime heroes. Crypto Champ are launching a NFT comic book based on this epic story, and this is partly a co-creation effort within the community.

Champ Flix the new Era of Netflix, ad free, exclusive for $CHMP holders! If you are a $CHMP holder please reach to us on Crypto Champ Telegram to get access to Champ Flix. Champ is the hero of anime and they bring you the latest anime videos for entertainment and education before everyone else.

Crypto Champ Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCrypto Champ
Short NameCHMP
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
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Crypto Champ is the $CHMP adult video platform. Upload and share your 18+ videos and get rewarded with $CHMP tokens for every 10,000 views you receive. Champs Tube will also have a tip service where viewers can reward their favorite entrepreneurs in Champ tokens, by scanning the QR code. The best adult NFTs will also be minted through Champs Tube. A new era of making
money for adult champs.


The Crypto Champ app will be released with the best servers in Sweden, a privacy focused country and all over Europe, Asia and America. Your application will be released before the end of 2022. The first chapters are already written and will be delivered shortly after launch, however – the $CHMP SAGA is far from complete and Your ambition is to make the first comic book DAO in the world, letting you, our holders, decide in what direction the SAGA will develop. 

Platform for the top Influencers

The Online Market where you will be able to hire top Twitter Influencers and shillers, YouTube Influencers, Tiktok & Instagram influencers to shill for you. All vendors on Crypto Champ market will be vetted for quality and they will need to pay and hold (stake) $CHMP tokens to get listed on the United Chillers.

This will be the biggest comic book co-creation happening the cryptographer ever had and the more we are, the merrier it will be and the more money everyone involved will make. As Crypto Champ would have said “To the moon bitches

For vendors & buyers

If you are a good Crypto Champ or Twitter Influencers with real fans, you can pay a fixed amount of $CHMP to get listed or stake $CHMP and get access. If you need crypto influencers, you can easily find them on the United Shillers platform. Based team that is honest and transparent. Access the best ad-free
platform for anime & other videos. Get rewarded for your adult videos and enjoy staking rewards once launched.


After having been supported by multiple crypto projects that work for charity, Crypto Champ will also reserve 5% of out marketing wallet that will be used for charity actions. They will be supporting sick people, homeless people with food & shelter and help old people living in countries with corrupt welfare system. They will also be supporting animal shelters.

If the Champ project manages to become a major success in the crypto
field, they will also launch Champ Affordable Privacy Focused Web Hosting, VPS & Dedicated servers with fully managed service exclusive and only for Champ holders.

Champ Contract Features

Liquidity is locked with Uni crypt for 1 year and your Marketing Wallet is in ETH which means no sells for marketing. When people sell ETH is injected into Uni swap making stronger. Crypto Champ have chads and degens planned to work for on Twitter full time. They will only use influencers that have interacted
with ETH whales. They add more utilities such as Contract Audits (lead developer had an auditing company & crypto project before), staking and anime.