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What Is Cronofi Finance (CRONO)? Complete Guide Review About Cronofi Finance.

What Is Cronofi Finance (CRONO)?

Unlike other protocols that simply tax token holders whenever a transaction was made, Cronofi Finance managed to implement your smart tax feature that allows users to deposit, withdraw and harvest without incurring tax. Users will only be taxed when they are BUYING or SELLING. With a strong price for $KRONO, $CRONO are given the benefit to stake $CRONO with a higher multiplier and earn $KRONO. Furthermore, staking $CRONO will also contribute to our goal of 5m TVL for Eclipse day where they will be doing a 50k USDC worth of buyback and burns!

You have connected your Meta-mask to the Cronos network. Now all you need is CRO for gas fees. Head over to the official chat for a complete list of bridges! Keep in mind to bridge your funds in batches to have sufficient gas for multiple transactions. Cronofi Finance be using layered farming strategies as a way to incentivize $CRONO token holders. The primary goal of the layered farms will be to increase the value of holding $CRONO token.

Cronofi Finance Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCronofi Finance
Short NameCRONO
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply104
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Anti Whale Protection

To guard against whales, users have grown fond of the Anti-Whale feature from other farms which puts a limits on how much a user can transact per transaction. Similarly, we will be implementing this Anti-Whale feature with the maximum transaction being capped at 5% of the total supply at any given point in time. The rationale behind this is to ensure the price volatility is kept to the minimum, allowing users to get in and out at a better rate.


To show Cronofi Finance commitment to the project, Cronofi team will be burning ALL $CRONO tokens in the developer’s wallet and on top of that. Unlike other project owners who are entitled to the 10% emission rate (4.32 $CRONO per day), the team will be forgoing this reward and burn them, reducing the supply of $CRONO Additional buyback and burns will also occur whenever we hit a significant TVL milestone, celebrating the success of the project.

$KRONO – Layer Token

Introducing $KRONO, Cronofi Finance first layered token that offers a unique anti-bot mechanism that blacklist holders who are using bots. This is to avoid the same scenario as seen in $CRONO where a couple of bots manage to secure a substantial amount of the initial supply, hindering the growth of $CRONO.

Addresses that contain more than 5% of the supply will be flagged out and should they be deemed to be blotting, they will be blacklisted. Furthermore, they will be implementing to incentivise HODL-ing instead of short term trading, further protecting the price of $KRONO.

Farm Details

Since the team will not be getting any token allocation, there will be a 4% deposit fee on non-$CRONO farms and pools. Funds collected from the 4% will be used for respective marketing cost, security cost and contract deployment cost. CronaSwap is your friendly neighborhood DEX. Cronofi Finance look to provide a home for all up-and-coming gems and established projects.

Security & Contracts

As DeFi is a dangerous place, Cronofi Finance will be getting your contracts reviewed by , a community that helps to check for farming contracts and warns the community should the contracts contain malicious code. Find out more about RugDoc through their website and see how they manage to review these farming contracts. High Multipliers on all Farms With Sustainable Emission Anti-Whale Limit to Prevent Dump.