What Is Creaticles(CRE8)? Complete Guide Review About Creaticles.


What Is Creaticles(CRE8)?

Creaticles goal is to be a world leading digital asset enabler. By putting the user first and providing safe, professional, creditable and quality platforms and services, this aspire to change the world of today into the world of tomorrow. Your aim for the Infinity Wallet is to make it the one-stop application for all a users crypto needs. With a simple and modular interface allowing to interact, monitor, trade, transact and much more in a secure decentralized environment.

Creaticles Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCreaticles
Short NameCRE8
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply1,000,000,000
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Creaticles Verified Artists Application

Using this form, you can apply to be a Verified Artist on Creaticles! After being accepted as a Verified Artist, you will have access to all of the contests available on Creaticles. You can submit your NFT art to those contests and earn cryptocurrency as rewards. Please note that filling out this application does not mean you are automatically a Verified Artist. When you are selected, we will reach out to you to invite you into the program.

Due to the high demand Creaticles are receiving, it may take some time to get to your application. Please stay patient in the meantime! Don’t forget to join your community channels as well, where you can start mingling with other artists and community members including the team.

Humble Beginnings

Since Creaticles started the project earlier this year, Creaticles has been developing at an aggressive pace. They’ve managed to accomplish many impressive achievements in a very short period of time. Some of the most notable achievements include. When they started Creaticles, we made a commitment to source as much as could from your own community and application. By doing this, they weren’t just committing to an idea, but also demonstrating the value of your own project — eating the food they cook, so to say.

Creaticles on CoinList Seed

With over 500 crypto startups that applied for a coveted position to pitch on CoinList Seed, Creaticles was selected as one of 8 of the most promising projects to participate in the recent Fall 2021 CoinList Seed batch. Creaticles honored to have had the opportunity to participate in CoinList Seed, where your project was pitched to a community of crypto enthusiasts, investors, and funds.

“The NFT space is heating up, and new projects are emerging on a daily basis,” stated Trevor Keith, cofounder of Creaticles. “For CoinList, they were one of the most unique and promising NFT projects they’ve seen, addressing a real issue in the space that is relatable.” Creaticles is currently launched on the Ethereum Ropsten testnet, and will be opening up its mainnet on Ethereum in Q4 2021.

Multi-chain wallet and gateway for decentralized finance

Infinity Wallet is the ultimate all-in-one non-custodial multi-chain wallet and gateway for decentralized finance, bringing a wide range of unique features and advancements. Providing users with full control of their digital assets to easily store, send, monitor, exchange, access Dapps & DeFi and much more. As a global digital asset gateway, Infinity Wallet provides access to the entire DeFi space across multiple chains.

All within a single wallet that has been engineered and crafted to the smallest detail, to bring a smooth, secure and seamless experience to all users no matter their experience. Creaticles aim to satisfy the needs of all users and enable DeFi adoption globally, as the ultimate all-in-one platform for personal finance of the future. Providing one of the most intuitive, user-friendly and cutting-edge platforms in the space.

Supported Devices

The Infinity Wallet is available on desktop, supporting a wide variety of devices and operating systems, allowing users globally to access their wallet and digital assets with no restrictions. This unique one of a kind wallet is available across all major platforms, further fortifying your position as the only wallet a user will ever need to access the world of decentralized finance.