CPROP Ico Review

CPROP Ico Review – Transactional real estate the blockchain way


CPROP was formed by serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in commercial and residential real estate, as well as technology and finance, who recognized the power of blockchain to improve the quality of data in the real estate industry. Real estate is a data-intensive industry with large capital flows that has historically lagged in technology innovation and adaptation as compared to other data-intensive industries.

As a thought leader in blockchain-enabled data applications in real estate, CPROP develops and deploys proprietary and white-labeled apps across the real estate value chain, using blockchain where appropriate, to help its partners and clients reduce business risk, address pain points and capture new revenue opportunities.

CPROP Key Information

Token NameCPROP
Soft cap2,000,000 USD
Hard cap20,000,000 USD
Distributed in ICO80%
Tokens for sale46,000,000
Token SymbolCPROP
Token TypeUtility
Price in ICO0.0100 USD
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The Game Change Team Behind CPROP

CPROP Ico Review - Transactional real estate the blockchain way

Investment Management

CPROP has developed a structure for a commercial real estate-backed digital asset security exchange that can be domiciled in virtually any country. This decentralized exchange (DEX) is intended to serve as a trading platform designed specifically for these digital securities that connects global investors with local real estate operators on a single-asset investment basis. The exchange will enable investors to move from top down portfolio-based strategies towards direct investment opportunities and personalized lot sizes. The project aims to digitize the entire real estate investment value chain so all work streams are transparent, efficient and cost-saving.

Construction & Property Development

When a property is constructed, there are many opportunities to capture data that delivers lasting value to the owner, whether the property is owner occupied, or leased. By catalog using what goes into the property, from equipment and fixtures to furnishings to finishes, better record keeping paves the way to track life cycle costs, manage warranties and facilitate insurance claims. CPROP is working with industry partners to develop data applications that monetize these multiple opportunities to understand asset performance at a deeper level and facilitate innovation in traditional construction and property development business models.

Insurance & Finance

A more digitized real estate industry holds the promise of generating data that can improve the accuracy of insurance underwriting. Digital mortgages are more easily managed than traditional paper-based mortgages and can help mitigate the risk of repeating past failures in the mortgage market stemming from weak controls over data and documentation. CPROP is exploring multiple use cases to more effectively harness data within new applications that mitigate pain points and reduce risk in the insurance and finance sectors, such as for keeping track of insurance certificates.

Sanford Selman

  • Manages the TMC Emerging Technology Fund LP, an early-stage fin-tech venture capital fund focused on innovations in the mortgage industry.
  • Co-founded/managed Asia West Environment Fund LP, a $100M+ early-stage venture capital program.
  • First professional investor in E-Leather Ltd., served as Chairman and grew to profitability and No. 1 global market share.
  • Co-founded Sanus Connect which designed a novel data platform for a Fortune 500 real estate firm for property management.
  • Extensive global experience developing and financing real assets as a project finance banker.

Brokerage & Transactions

Cross border transactions can be plagued by lack of familiarity, transparency and trust owing in large part to the long distance between buyers and sellers. Building on CPROP Co-Founder Adam Koehler’s prior success as a co-founder of Dot loop, CPROP is developing a transaction environment powered by the CPROP utility token and intended to be white-labeled to existing property portals around the world to extend the portals’ reach into the transaction while providing consumers with a more seamless and stress-free transaction experience. CPROP is working with portals in Asia, the Middle East and Europe to bring this concept into commercial reality.


The government sector is responsible for maintaining public records, such as property title records, which are essential to the proper functioning of the economy. All too often, government processes are inefficient, lag in technology adoption and the records themselves can be prone to manipulation and error. Blockchain holds tremendous potential to improve the efficiency of government record keeping processes and reduce the vulnerability of valuable data.