What Is Copiosa? (COP) Complete Guide Review About Copiosa.

What Is Copiosa? (COP) Complete Guide Review About Copiosa.

What is Copiosa?

Copiosa Coin is a backed exchange platform focusing on allowing users to purchase small cap crypto currencies as they come to market. The Platform uses its own coin to facilitate trading for its users. The coin itself sits on the BEP20 network which is one of the most fast and secure networks available.

Copiosa Coin Coin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameMetagame-arena Coin
Short NameCOP
Circulating Supply393,985,000.00 COP
Total Supply500,000,000
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What Makes Copiosa unique?

Copiosa Coin aims to provide value as a standalone coin whilst also creating a frictionless means of exchange for small cap crypto currencies. Users can launch the app or visit the website, deposit fiat currency an exchange this for. They will then be able to hold, or trade coin for all available small cap crypto currencies seamlessly.

Copiosa coin is the native utility token used for:

Purchasing small cap crypto currencies through the platform Used as a stand alone currency

Crypto made easy

They use innovative technology and unparalleled user experience to provide an all-inclusive end to end exchange for both retail investors and liquidity providers.

Manage your portfolio

Copiosa Coin Keep your portfolio at your fingertips. Everything you need to manage your crypto tokens is available in one simple application.

Place stop loss and limit orders

You can now place market, stop loss, limit orders and stop limit orders on all of your favourite tokens live on the app.

Thousands of tokens at your fingertips

Browse thousands of tokens through the search functionality while keeping up with the latest price movements on your favourite tokens.

Liquidity providers

Liquidity providers can add liquidity to the application seamlessly and gain access to analytics tracking key token metrics. This is an entirely free and instantaneous solution offered to all providers.


Copiosa uses flexible and secure application infrastructure. They test end to end security across all areas of the functionality to guarantee the safety of the users.


Copiosa Coin

The coin is a cryptocurrency that sits on the Binance smart chain network. they was created to support the users to purchase and sell all forms of small cap cryptocurrencies.


Users can track their portfolio, create watch lists, implement stop loss and profit instructions and stay up to date on new and existing tokens with helpful analytics tools.


Copiosa Coin Create wallets for all listed small cap cryptocurrencies at the tap of a button. Transfer and convert your coins to any of these currencies.

NFT Marketplace

They provide a sleek and simple marketplace for users to buy and sell the latest NFT’s. Creators can easily list their NFT and gain access to a variety of marketing and analytics tools.

Copiosa Wallet

Users will create an account using an email address and password, along with twofactor authentication. This means that users won’t have to worry about remembering or storing secret passphrases. Once a user has signed up, they will be able to deposit crypto or fiat currencies to their very own wallet. Users will then be able to transfer any cryptocurrency they
hold inside the

Copiosa Coin wallet to others on the platform using their email address to prevent confusion or mistakes occurring when transferring cryptocurrencies. Eventually users will be able to store cryptocurrencies on different chains inside the wallet. This enables the user to hold different coins, for example Binance Smart Chain coins and Ethereum Blockchain coins, in one place

The Problem: An Overview

The current cryptocurrency space has many barriers to entry for those wishing to purchase new cryptocurrencies on different networks as they come to market. Buying new or smaller cryptocurrencies for the last few years has been a seemingly impossible task for the average person. In this section, three core issues that act as barriers to purchasing cryptocurrency will be discussed.

The Solution

The Wallet and Exchange is an all-in-one solution to all the barriers of purchasing small cap cryptocurrencies. They providing a safe and simple solution for the prospective user base.

Copiosa Exchange

Users will be able to use their balance in exchange for any other coin that is hosted on our platform. They will provide a list of currencies to select from with buy or sell options.

Copiosa Tokenomics

Copiosa Coin resides on Binance Smart Chain. Rather than reinventing the wheel and creating our own blockchain for they decided to leverage the power of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). With a ~5 second block time and a Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism, BSC enables high-speed transactions that only cost network participants a few cents.