What Is Concave (CNV)? Complete Guide Review About Concave

What Is Concave (CNV)? Complete Guide Review About Concave

What Is Concave (CNV)?

Concave is a community-driven, product and investment organization that aims to bring value to investors through the development of innovative DeFi products and active treasury management. At launch, will introduce several novel solutions to grow its treasury while ensuring long-term investors receive the highest returns. A Spoon is an extension, exploration, and conscious iteration of a protocol. A Spoon seeks to explore the use cases implied by a new primitive. A core product is limited to its credo, its founding principle. A spoon exists to fill that vacuum so that a grand symbiotic use case may flourish.

Concave What is goal, purpose? What is a primitive, and what does it mean to explore it? It wasn’t until early 2021 that the bonding mechanism of value accrual was introduced to DeFi. This soon ushered forth DeFi 2.0, an era branded by its emphasis on protocol owned liquidity. With the introduction of this bonding mechanism, dozens of forks quickly spun up–most offering little to no innovation.

Concave This represented a failure to explore a new core building block, the bond primitive. In order to do this ingenious innovation justice, we shall embellish upon, rework, and, in modest opinion, improve and extend its potential. We see ourselves as trailblazers, cultivators, and inhabitants of the Olympus universe. Our mission is to drive value back to the Olympus ecosystem with suite of features, policy frameworks, and vibrant community.

Concave Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameConcave
Short NameCNV
Circulating Supply183,859.04 CNV
Total Supply183,848
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Non/Anti-Dilutive Emissions

Locked staking pools will receive immediate compounded rewards to its position based on the supply inflation generated through purchased bonds.Each locked staking position will capture a percentage of supply growth as a function of CNV minted through our fixed-term accrual bonds.

Those in the longest locked staking position (the 1-year lock) will never be diluted and will increase their share of the market cap when other rewards are considered. This will be reinforced directly in protocol contracts through a staking cap on non-dilutive positions and the minimum price on bonds. These components ensure all liabilities to protocol stakers are accounted for when CNV is minted.

Long term Emissions

Each bonding event creates an available rewards pool of CNV that can be rewarded .A surplus is generated after anti-dilutive rewards are paid to staking positions. A portion of excess emissions will be allocated to a long- term emissions pool that will be rewarded to stakers over vesting schedule. The remainder will be recycled back into bond issuance to protect treasury backing. Emissions rewarded to stakers will be capped at an aggregate APR controlled by Policy


After both reward pools are accounted for, a proportion of excess rewards will remain unminted. This factor is controlled by a variable in the protocol contracts to ensure regulation on inflation, price stability, and treasury backing per CNV.

Treasury Dividend

Concave will actively manage its treasury implemented across a number of investment portfolios and product lines. These are documented in greater detail in later section. The yield return on these strategies will be paid out to locked stakers in the form of a dividend at defined intervals. Stakers will receive a boost in their dividend according to staking term length. Dividend payouts will be allocated master chef style (ie. Non- native token) to ensure additional revenue streams for stakers while maintaining long term protocol health