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What Is (COMB) ? Complete Guide Review About

What Is (COMB) ? combining the best of Defi on a single Platform. Exchange, Farming, Advance Pool, NFT, Vault and Governance. Due to massive outbreaks on hacks and fault in a single line of codes can pull the massive wealth away from the pockets of investors to that of hackers. Security measures and transparency is greatest preference for us. It gives investor peace of mind to invest with us. While the majority does the audit on the mainnet took the other way round. have audited it on testnet first being a smallcap. did the audit before putting code on the mainnet. Thanks for the patience the wait was worthwhile. are happy with the security posture of the team and the health of the codebase. A lot of fixes and corrections have been done in order to secure and optimize the codebase. have some reservations about the current architecture but are glad to find the team has considered the implications of their threat model with an intention to upgrade the design where appropriate. Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name
Short Name (COMB)
Circulating SupplyN/A
Max SupplyN/A
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Combine.Farming through Combstake Farming platform allow members to stake on multiple pair on pools to earn COMB tokens. Members can provide liquidity to earn COMB token through the various pools available on platform.

Combine.Exchange very Own personal exchange for Ecosystem incompatibility of Definite(DEF) token with the Uniswap interface stimulated interest in launching own exchange. Although never envision launching an exchange platform, it was a moment of euphoria for us. will migrate liquidity pool from Uniswap to “combine exchange” once attain 10 million in liquidity.

NFT – Non Fungible Token NFTs are unique, digital items with blockchain-managed ownership. Collectibles are a common use for nonfungible tokens. One early pioneer of nonfungible tokens was CryptoKitties, NFT will be using ERC 1155 a blockchain-driven platform pioneered by the Enjin team, brings the idea of semi-fungibility to the NFT world. With ERC1155, IDs represent not single assets but classes of assets.

Xcomb Liquidity Locked Mining Get xCOMB + daily CARMA as a reward (only way to earn the NFT (Carma) token is through the Vault). by locking COMB-ETH liquidity xCOMB is the governance token, required for creating and voting for community proposals. CARMA will be used to redeem unique NFTs, as a badge of honor for the supporters.

Comb Token

  • Token name:Combine Finance
  • Ticker Symbol:Comb
  • Total Supply10,000
  • Presale Price0.25 ETH
  • Team Token700 Locked – 25% release Per quater
  • Burned250 Comb
  • Farming2385 Comb
  • Circulating Supply~ 7361 Comb
  • Farming RewardsReduces by 0.1% Each block

Road Map

August 2020

Ideation of the coin | Presale Conducted |

September 2020

Smart Contract Launched | Audited | Uniswap Listing | Definite Coin launch (Advance Pool)

October 2020

Combine.Exchange Launched | Liquidity Locked Vault (Core Model) | NFT Farming | Smart Contract Audit

Q1 2021

Nft Website Launch | Additions of More Memes | Governance | More Features

Vault (NFT &Vault)— Smart Contract Audit Completed. The wait is over. will produce two coins Xcomb and Karma (Carma)Token. (Both the tokens have notional value for the underlying assets that’s comb and nft Token). will be renouncing the ownership or will add timelock of 48 hours just like we did for Masterchef for comb token.

Send Eth or Comb-eth Lp token (locked Permanently) —> KarmaMaster Smart Contract -> Xcomb (One time Stake only, Stake it to farm Comb) (Can’t Unstake Xcomb) High Apy for Comb. Carma Token — Which will be redeemed to Buy NFT’s on the platform. There will be an entire tutorial in details on how to do this.