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Combell Web Hosting Review: Your domain name with free extras!

About Combell

Immediately make a professional impression thanks to your own mailbox and e-mail address(es) based on your domain name. Done with those free mailboxes from Telenet, Gmail, etc. With your free Flexmail account you can create 5 email campaigns every month and send them to 200 contacts. Combell experienced support team is available day and night to help you in your own language. Even on Christmas Eve. Use your domain name to redirect visitors to another URL such as your facebook page or other existing website.

Create new e-mail addresses and have the e-mails delivered to your current e-mail address. This way you get all your e-mails in one place. The IMMO domain name is aimed at companies, organisations, associations, government services and non-governmental organizations active in the real estate sector. Use the .rocks domain to indicate that a person, musician, project is truly amazing. Your company’s image is priceless. They protect your brand against abuse and increase your visibility on the internet.

Some Quick Facts Combell Web Hosting

CombellBasic Details
Hosting NameCombell
Price€ 5,99 /month
Email SupportN/A
Call Support+32 9 218 79 79
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Combell Price

Why register a domain name?

Combell cannot repeat enough how important it is to register your own domain name. Are you not yet convinced why you should register a domain name? That’s not bad at all. Below they list some important advantages of a domain name. As with your own computer, you are the only one who uses available resources such as the processor, working memory Only those are used with your Dedicated web hosting to make your website perform at lightning speed.

Professional appearance

Registering your own domain name ensures a reliable and professional appearance of your brand, company or product. Something you can’t achieve with a free address that you get from your ISP or got you through another place because they usually consist of long combinations. A good domain name is guaranteed to bring you extra visitors and customers.

Create professional email addresses

When you register a domain name, you also create e-mail addresses with your domain name. Which immediately gives you a professional look. Combell still looks better than Also keep in mind that your email address will always exist. So if you change internet provider, you will not lose your e-mail address.

Easier to remember

A well-chosen domain name is simply easier to remember for others than a long free variant. You can also immediately process your brand or product when registering, so that it is immediately clear to everyone what you are doing. It goes without saying that this will attract extra customers or visitors. As with your own computer, you are the only one who uses available resources such as the processor, working memory. Only those are used with your Dedicated web hosting to make your website perform at lightning speed.

Protect your idea or name

Do you have a great naming scheme for your idea, company or product? Then don’t wait too long to register your domain name. That way you don’t run the risk that someone else (or a competitor) will steal your domain name in front of you and you will have to start over with everything. Make it easy with AutoGit. Where you would otherwise have to use a build system (jenkins, gitlab) or do manual pushes, you now use a deploy pipeline.

Guaranteed a solution in case of problems

If a problem does arise on your website, Combell will provide you with a structural solution. Not a palliative care that should mainly take away some symptoms. In the case of a critical incident, the solution will be provided within 30 minutes at the latest. Guaranteed by the SLA Plus that comes with your Dedicated Web Hosting. Take advantage of the power of your own server, without having to share resources with other websites, such as with shared web hosting.

Combell launching a new application, you want to make sure it does what it’s supposed to do. The same applies to your existing applications do they function optimally under normal load and at peak times? Combell creates the perfect “attack”: a stress simulation that tests responsiveness, stability and speed. Optimize your application with application load testing and avoid unexpected costs.

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