What Is Colibri Protocol (CLBR)?

What Is Colibri Protocol (CLBR)? Complete Guide Review About Colibri Protocol.

What Is Colibri Protocol (CLBR)?

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Colibri Protocol Here you can add the minimum bet amount and initial pool liquidity. The maximum will be limited by the pool size. Pool creators need at least 20 times the min bet in their wallet to created pool. Click next. As easy as that, your pool has been created.

You will see your new contract address on screen. If you click on it it will take you to your pool contract page. To interact with your newly created pool, just add it after and it will redirect you to your Fiscus Dice page for you specific token.

Colibri Protocol Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameColibri Protocol
Short NameCLBR
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total SupplyN/A
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Bets are placed in Colibri Protocol, the house has a 1% edge making it fairer and more transparent than ever and provably fair since it is on-chain. The gambling dapps are controlled by an Ethereum smart contract that generates a random result based on the block hash. The outcome is recorded and settled. The Fiscus gambling dapps will have some of the lowest fees in the provably fair gambling market, with easy to understand games, and more to follow.

Revenue share mechanism

If a token or team, XYI token as an example, wants to add a fun and engaging game for their community to use, they can go to dice.fyi add liquidity to the liquidity pool, say 1000000 XYI tokens, and setup min and maximum bets. From there, they can integrate the widget to connect the game to their site. If they get 50000 spins per day at a min bet of 100 per spin 12500 XYI tokens will be added to their pool. Liquidity providers can remove or add liquidity at any point.

uFFYI coinflip pool details

The first pool that we will introduce is the uFFYI coin flip pool. This pool will serve as an example to other pool creators. The concept of on-chain, contract-based gambling is nothing new. Colibri Protocol However, when the Decentralized Financial infrastructure is added to the mix, the gambler can become both the punter and the house, making it possible to share in the revenue of profits.

Colibri Protocol House Pool

Blockchain offers transparency unlike we have ever seen. All deposits and withdrawals are visible on the smart-contract and winnings are paid out automatically.Adding a uFFYI pool, in this case the House Pool, will earn the staker part of the profits from the house. So by providing the liquidity for the gambling mechanism users are rewarded.

In a similar fashion any Defi project can build a dice/coin flip gambling dapp (with more to follow), by making a liquidity pool on Colibri Protocol the widget can then be integrated into their website so that their community can participate.

Colibri Protocol as Decentralised Gambling infrastructure

Similar to the way Uniswap allows any token to list and trade on their platform, will allow any token to build a gambling dapp and add liquidity through your infrastructure. As an open Defi project will encourage other Defi projects to create and add their pool as liquidity to the platform. This creates a community-funded bankroll for the Defi projects that is independent of a single token or project making it decentralized in its truest form.

That in itself makes Colibri Protocol new and different from other provably fair on-chain projects and can thus be better described as a Decentralized provably fair on-chain platform. Ultimately this model of complete transparency of the contract and the distribution to any pool will give trust and legitimacy, a key component for punters when betting. Defi projects can add their pool by on.