Theta Network Ico Review

Coinstocks Ico Review – The Alternative Exchange

About Coinstocks

At Coinstocks mission is simple: Bring cryptocurrency investment opportunities to the masses. They believe that cryptocurrency and alternative coins are the future of investments and they want to get everyone on board! Most of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges fueling the market are not built for the average user. They have performance issues, have complicated user interfaces and leave the end user wondering about the validity/trustworthiness of the services being rendered.

At Coinstocks, they are based in the US and my aim to provide full transparency and a modern cutting-edge user interface from day one! Having alternative coins as the foundation of your trading platform allows everyone to participate at cheaper values in order to maximize gains. Cryptocurrency related technologies are moving fast and will be at the forefront.

Coinstocks Key Information

Token NameCoinstocks
Soft cap4,350 ETH
Hard cap17,500 ETH
Distributed in ICO50%
Tokens for sale25,000,000
Token SymbolIOX
Token TypeERC20
Min. investment0.07 ETH
Price in ICO0.3400 USD
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The Game Change Team Behind Coinstocks

Coinstocks Ico Review - The Alternative Exchange

Mobile Friendly

The market is like you, It never stops! Why would you need to wait to reach a computer to make a buy? Coinstocks is compatible with iOS, Android, and other devices. The bottom layer of Coinstocks architecture is about addressing these concerns with a censorship-resistant, privacy-focused solution. Users must be able to reap the benefits of the system without surrendering data to the system. Coinstocks bottom layer is a platform-agnostic, privacy-first, general-purpose data storage layer that uses Ethereum and distributed storage. This layer provides sovereign ownership of data, suitable for a period of increasing concern about data privacy.


Ever felt a bit scared to send your funds to exchanges in Korea, China or Ukraine? Coinstocks keeps all your funds in US banks and servers. They also comply with all federal and state regulations. The next challenge is that authentication in all forms is at cross purposes with user privacy. Distinguishing between users is important for practical reasons but this does not imply that the persons behind the IDs necessarily need to be revealed. Similarly, confirming the authenticity of data reports is vital if the data is to be trusted. But, identifying an accountable individual is not the way to do so. Rather, it is one way to do it, and not the best they can do.

FIAT Gateway

Coinstocks want to simplify the Crypto trading experience, and one of the significant aspects of that is buying-in and cashing-out. Coinstocks lets you buy and sell directly to USD. Pawtocol reframes data authentication by proving that data was collected by specified methods (e.g. type of device), by members with certain properties (e.g. must be a verified veterinarian), and is about pets with certain properties (e.g. must be a poodle of a certain age). The Coinstocks proving grammar expresses such requirements. Pawtocol proofs establish those facts without revealing which user, which device or which pet.

Dynamic Pairing

Why would you need to exchange to BTC before exchanging again for what you are looking for? Well, you don’t! Coinstocks allows you to exchange any currencies dynamically without enforcing predetermined pairs. A third challenge relates to well-known edge cases. With so much data under the users’ control, it’s important that the users themselves are protected from data loss that could result if the files were in their physical possession.


Security is the most important thing about an exchange. Not only have we been involved in cyber-security for years Coinstocks has developed unique smart contract features to store the funds securely. The benefit to users is custody of their own information and fine-grained control of information disclosure to others even while they enjoy the features and conveniences of applications. Coinstocks solution addresses the rising demand for strong data privacy in applications of all kinds.


Are you still waiting to hear back from your KYC you submitted three months ago? Coinstocks hate that. Coinstocks will provide world-class chat and email support to all its customers. And, with everything relying on their digital identities it’s important to have solutions for key recovery and probate. Coinstocks solves for data persistence using reliable distributed storage, and for key recovery in a way that greatly simplifies Ethereum user on boarding and using the system with multiple devices such as a smartphone and a laptop.