What Is CoinEx Token (CET)?

What Is CoinEx Token (CET)? Complete Guide Review About CoinEx Token.

What Is CoinEx Token (CET)?

Based on PoS consensus protocol, CoinEx Smart Chain is decentralized and energy efficient. CSC makes it easy to build your own decentralized applications. Created for De-Fi by the CoinEx team, CoinEx Token Chain (CSC) is a decentralized and high-efficiency public chain that is committed to becoming a new generation of blockchain financial infrastructure. CSC is perfectly compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem, extremely high efficient with low transaction fees, and permission-free for block proposers. In the future, CSC Bridge will be dedicated to supporting more cross-chain assets for global users and allowing efficient transactions between CSC and other networks, so as to inject vitality to the development of blockchain ecosystem.

As the blockchain ecosystem thrives continuously, the issuance of native tokens on various public chains are increasing at the same time. Inevitably, the demand of Cross-chain Bridge is growing among the blockchain users in order to efficiently swap assets. To further expand CSC ecosystem, facilitate cross-chain transactions, and bring a better experience for all users, CSC Bridge is launched. Self-developed by CoinEx and officially endorsed by CSC Official, CSC Bridge has unique advantages in safety and reliability. So far, the following cross-chain assets are supported on CSC Bridge.

CoinEx Token Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCoinEx Token
Short NameCET
Circulating Supply708,633,582.21 CET
Total Supply3,830,645,898
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CoinEx Smart Chain Foundation Designed for CSC Ecological Construction

With the release of CSC Ecological Supportive Plan by CoinEx Token Foundation, we encourage developers to create their own DApps on CSC and guarantee multi-dimensional support in funding, tech, market and other resources for quality projects. After three months, the CSC Global Hackathon Grants officially ended on December 12, 2021. With a total prize pool of $300,000, the Grants attracted many project teams around the world that passed the preliminary review. According to final judge voting, the Crypto Bank Africa won first place and the champion reward as the most highly regarded project in the Grants.

CSC Pioneer Ambassador

Become a part of CSC ecosystem, build communities with CSC, share technologies, recommend projects, and enjoy ecological incentives. From September 15 to December 12, the Grants gathered crypto developers from all over the world. These pioneers developed CSC-powered projects, including DEX, NFT, IDO, GameFi, etc. Crypto Bank is an online crypto payment gateway.

As the first multi-purpose DApp with IPFS installed in the system, it enables consumers to pay with cryptos, which are converted into the local fiat currency and paid to merchants. CoinEx Token combines the speed and safety of crypto payments with the consumer protection of traditional payment systems and the fraud-free benefits of crypto payments (no stolen cards, charge backs, or hacked accounts).

Cross-Chain Bridge

Committed to constructing excellent public chain infrastructures, CSC is now launching Cross-chain Bridge, allowing safe and fast asset swaps between CSC Main net and another. Its systems are built to provide users (merchants/consumers) with high-tech security and ensure fast transactions with low transaction fees. Having spent seven years in the crypto world, Ferdinand, the CEO of Crypto Bank, has expertise in how blockchain transactions work. The crypto payment platform (Crypto Bank) he created will serve Africa and enable the crypto sector to add more value to the world economy.

Multi-dimensional protection for asset security

CoinEx Token and other multi-chain assets supported, manage all in one AppControl private key in your own hands Multiple protective measures to ensure assets security. Founded in June, Crypto Bank Africa launched its website in July. This gives CryptoBank Africa a first-mover advantage over its peers. Moreover, it conducted multiple airdrops during the Grants. In December, CryptoBank released phase 2 of the prototype of its payment product. The project has shown great potentials in terms of technology and operation, which is why it won first place.

Digital Verse

CoinEx Token Digital Verse, the 2nd place winner, focuses on the trending NFT sector. The project generates user videos through automated AI. Digital Verse aims to provide Deep Fake creators with a regulated field for their creativity and developments. It is on the way to creating the first licensing and copyright management platform using NFTs, allowing creators to fairly buy rights for “faces”. Users create NFT tokens through AI-generated videos.

With the help of NFT, token owners will be able to confirm the IP rights of the video. In terms of the market background, the annual growth rate of the Deep Fake sector exceeds 80%, making it a promising segment. Backed by a development fund of $30,000 it received at the beginning of 2021, Digital Verse boasts an absolute advantage in the field of AI. CoinEx Token This innovative project has demonstrated unique strength by leveraging the trending NFT sector, and its 2nd place award is well deserved.