What Is Coin Loan (CLT)?

What Is Coin Loan (CLT)? Complete Guide Review About Coin Loan.

What Is Coin Loan (CLT)?

Coin Loan needs to collect and use certain types of information about the physical and legal persons that wish to participate in the CoinLoan Platform managed by CoinLoan OÜ. The personal information must be collected and dealt with appropriately in accordance with the company AML and KYC policies and in accordance with this Privacy Policy drawn up in accordance with the Estonian personal data protection act and International standards.

In accordance with the provisions of GDPR any User who provides his information under the present policies confirms that he understands and accepts the reason for the gathering of information and consents to the processing of information for the purposes of money laundering prevention.

Coin Loan Any User is entitled to know who is responsible for the processing of his or hers personal data. Any data collected during the work of the Platform whether is collected on paper, stored in a computer database, or recorded on other material is subject to this policy and is protected under the applicable law and the GDPR provisions regarding data control and processing.

Coin Loan Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCoin Loan
Short NameCLT
Circulating Supply1,950,000.00 CLT
Total Supply22,000,000
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Data Protection Officer

Coin Loan and its officers and employees shall be collectively referred to as the Data Protection Officer under this policy and in accordance with the relative provisions of the GDPR, which means that it determines what purposes personal information held will be used for. It is also responsible for cooperating with the state regulatory organs regarding the correct application of the state legislation, and the correct use and disclosure of information.

If You use the Platform Services and/or conceal from the Platform management Your residing territory and/or your placement into sanctions list as mentioned herein, we reserve the right to stop rendering You the Services and terminate the Agreement immediately.


Coin Loan may share data with the state regulatory organs and other authorities when that is required by the applicable law or the provisions of the AML policy. The Platform user will be made aware in most circumstances how and with whom their information will be shared. Every Platform user shall agree with this policy and shall consent to his data being used in accordance with the provisions of this policy and the AML policy regarding analysis of data and disclosure of data. There are circumstances where the law allows Coin Loan to disclose data (including sensitive data) without the data subject’s consent.

Restricted Jurisdiction

Restricted Jurisdiction shall mean any country or its part where Your use of the Services is deemed to be illegal and/or otherwise violates applicable laws of either the European Union or the United States of America; where Coin Loan is not authorised to provide the Services; and/or where either the European Union or the United States of America have embargoed goods and services which match the nature of Services offered by CoinLoan.

Corporate Account

Corporate Account shall be owned by any type of legal entity holding an Account in any capacity other than an individual capacity. Partner shall mean any entity/individual that has entered into any kind of partnership agreement with Loan and/or who has integrated any of Coin Loan products into its website. The active legislation of the Republic of Estonia and the European Union is applicable to the Platform and any agreements or transactions made through it.

They will not attempt to register an Account or use your Services by circumventing any methods they have in place to restrain You from applying for an Account or using your Services, even if such methods are not efficient or can be avoided. They may use controls or other checks to restrict access to the Platform from any Restricted Jurisdiction.