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What Is COBAN (COBAN)? Complete Guide Review About COBAN.


COBAN is one of the pioneers of the Solana French community. He thrives on helping newcomers navigate the Solana ecosystem. They frequently hosts live Podcasts, AMAs and events for the community. This is an administrator of the “Solana French Community” channel more than 2000 active members use this network to share, inform and help each other in a friendly atmosphere.

Network teams are committed to building stronger bonds with other teams within the Coop and seek advice when your decisions affect others. This act as a single organism – sensing, responding, and acting to each other and the outside world. Making all roles, teams, and internal agreements explicit and transparent to the Coop is critical, it is documentation that allows to operate more freely and efficiently in a distributed workplace.

COBAN Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCOBAN
Short NameCOBAN
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply21,000,000
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Solana French Community

The Solana French Community hosts a live podcast every Thursday at 6PM UTC. These podcast sessions are opportunities for the community to do a weekly debrief of Solana, talk about the evolution of current and future projects and share their personal expertise. The topics featured cover the entire scope of the Solana blockchain, from DeFi to NFTs.

A cryptocurrency wallet is a device, physical medium, program, or service which stores the public and/or private keys for cryptocurrency transactions. In addition to this basic function of storing the keys, a cryptocurrency wallet more often also offers the functionality of encrypting and/or signing information.

Solana ecosystem

COBAN periodically hosts AMAs for various projects of the Solana ecosystem in the Solana French Community Telegram. If interested, you can reach on Twitter. Twitter is also the main network used for NFT giveaways and token airdrops. The cost of tokens can be subject to dramatic sensational fluctuations Token and high unpredictability because of the quick changes in demand and request resulting because of occasions.

The organization renounces any and all responsibility relating to any pernicious action that compromises the code or which results in the misfortune or annihilation of the token, or which in any case hurts the client in any way.

COBAN is a community token

COBAN main objective is to promote and support promising projects in the Solana ecosystem. These projects will benefit from the influence of the community and, in return, will provide token drops to holders. They holders will also be able to participate in community events and, finally, your most dedicated investors will vote on decisions regarding the future. Venture builds strategic partnerships aimed towards innovative projects on Solana, in order to promote, develop and deliver new decentralized technologies and architectures.


Ecosystem Coin Network chemical absorption methods, one will rely on first party attestation and the other on third party inspection. The two naturally occurring methods rely on third party inspection. COBAN all cases the listing suppliers have agreed to a temporary, limited consignment and conservation easement. This easement agreement gives Carbon the exclusive right to list their resources for the carbon dioxide absorbing, avoiding, offsetting, or sequestration potential.

Decentralized Finance industry

Pulse Index is a capitalization-weighted index that tracks the performance of decentralized financial assets across the market. The DeFi Pulse Index is a digital asset index designed to track tokens’ performance within the Decentralized Finance industry. The index is weighted based on the value of each token’s circulating supply. The Ecosystem Coin Network Pulse Index aims to track projects in Decentralized Finance that have significant usage and show a commitment to ongoing maintenance and development.

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