What Is Cmitcoin (CMIT)?

What Is Cmitcoin (CMIT)? Complete Guide Review About cmitcoin.

What Is Cmitcoin (CMIT)?

In the event of a chargeback, refunded or voided donation, or other refund, credit, adjustment, fine, penalty, or other amount due to manifest error or legal requirement, Cmitcoin donation payment processor may debit your account. Recipient hereby authorizes your payment processor to make ACH or other online debits to the recipient’s account, and to resubmit any such debit that is returned unpaid, e.g., for insufficient funds.

Cmitcoin payment processor may place a reasonable hold or reserve on a donation with a high risk of charge back, refund or the like. If You enroll in recurring monthly donations through your donation payment processor, you agree that said authorization may remain in place for your payment processor to debit your selected method of payment until such time as you notify your payment processor to terminate this authorization.

Cmitcoin Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameCmitcoin
Short NameCMIT
Circulating SupplyN/A
Total Supply50,000,000,000
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Exchange value directly and equally

Cmitcoin is an Ethereum token that was created to activate fan communities that produce various creative contents originating from Japan, such as games, comics, animation, Vocalized, and Vtuber. By building an economy that directly connects all of the environments surrounding creators and fans, aims to remove the centralized aspects of existing fan business schemes and provide a structure and soil that allows communities to directly exchange value and gain special experiences.

WEI Project

Cmitcoin is a collective name for three business projects that aim to revitalize creative entertainment originating in Japan. The project aims to create a new business scheme in the creative field by developing a fan community through the training of creators who can transmit their contents to the world with their own power, and also by building an NFT secondary creation market using blockchain.

CMITCOIN is a cryptographic asset that will be used for user incentives and payments in the second phase of “WEI PROJECT”, the NFT secondary creation market, and applications and services provided to the fan community. It will function as a new means of value exchange that contributes to improving user experience and services.

Burning of CMITCOIN

Cmitcoin will not be used primarily for fundraising, but will be used as an incentive for users to gain access to future services and activities within the community, with the aim of functioning as a mechanism to expand the number of users of the service. In order to achieve this goal, 40% of held by the management for the purpose of exchange distribution and development will be burned, which will significantly increase the amount.

This circulating in the market and the percentage of used as incentives within these vice, thereby easing the centralized structure of the management, promoting decentralization, and stimulating the spread of the economy. The aim is to reduce the centralized structure of the operator, promote decentralization, and activate the economy that will spread in the future.


Cmitcoin is an Ethereum token that complies with the ERC223 standard. It is a token that has already been distributed as an airdrop and incentive to users after issuance and has been traded globally on foreign exchanges. In addition, if they execute a burn of 20,000,000,000 units, which is 2/5 of the total number of issued units, 1/3 of the total number of issued units will be circulating in the market after the burn. The CMITCOINs that are not circulated in the market will be used for user incentives and community expansion within the WEI project.

Fees and Purchases

Any purchases of non-blockchain virtual items or virtual currencies in your service may result in access to but not ownership of these items. These purchases and redemption are not refundable and are free to make any changes to your platforms that could affect your virtual items or currencies in any shape or form. You also agree to pay all fees and taxes that may apply. Some items or currencies can become fully yours once they are on your own personal blockchain wallet that you have access to and control over.