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Cloud4sure Web Hosting Review: Equally Excited About The Cloud.

About Cloud4sure

At Cloud4sure understand that businesses rely on having access to efficient, innovative and – above all – reliable IT. It’s what ensures that operations run smoothly and communications flow effortlessly to get the job done. Your IT services and equipment should enhance your business, not hold it back. It should streamline your logistics, make your processes straightforward and help you to get on with running your business, your way. Managing AntiVirus on individual devices is hard to impossible. With BitDefender, this can all be managed within the cloud and allows individual policies to be deployed.

Some Quick Facts Cloud4sure Web Hosting

Cloud4sureBasic Details
Hosting NameCloud4sure
Call Support+44 1903 339955
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit


Your website’s domain name is a crucial part of your corporate identity. Cloud4sure can work with you to choose, register and set up the most appropriate domain name, or group of names to enable you to create websites and e-commerce sites that are both memorable and easy to find in internet searches. They will take care of all registration admin for you, as well as keep an eye on renewal dates, legal implications and cybersecurity issues around your domain name and its integrity.

Bespoke Cloud Solutions

Cloud4sure have all been feeling the pressure lately, and it is more important than ever for businesses to be able to rely on trustworthy IT that can more than keep pace with the demands being placed on it. They work alongside some of the best brands in the IT sector to bring your customers a bespoke and highly effective approach to overcoming IT challenges and growing business. Why not take a look around your website to see how well-managed IT support can change your business life for the better?


Only pay for what you use. No need to source expensive hardware or pay for energy. The burden for dedicated IT staff to maintain your internal infrastructure will also be reduced, freeing up resources that can be better served to support the user. Microsoft 365, is the gold standard when it comes to sharing and collaborating, while also knowing your data is in a secure and compliant place. With the discontinuation of ISDN and PSTN lines, VoIP is the replacement. Cloud4sure has relationships with providers to enable to provide a bespoke telephone platform that fits your needs.


Cloud providers try to supply faster networks to the customer end-points. The technology behind this is both redundant and fast. Technology is moving so fast and cloud providers are quick to adopt this and typically have short refresh cycles. Connectivity has to be reliable, secure and fast. They provide internet connectivity from many partners, ensuring what they provide you has the maximum uptime. As Microsoft doesn’t back up your data, it’s vitally important to ensure that your data is kept safe. They can implement and integrate a cloud-based GDPR-compliant solution.


When it comes to ensuring your data is both safe and secure, the cloud has you covered. Microsoft 365 for example uses multiple technologies to ensure your data is kept safe and secure. SPAM, Malware and Viruses can cause a lot of downtime and longer-term issues. With a cloud-based email filter, this threat can be reduced to near zero while keeping your mailbox spam free. Marketers/advertisers usually focus their efforts on the people responsible for making the purchase. Setting up a web server with the right dependencies can be hard, so let do it for you, a service they offer as part of the subscription.


Trying to predict the future is hard to impossible, but that’s what the IT department did when specifying new servers and hardware. With the cloud this has changed, you can buy what you need for now and either scale up or down as the requirements change. When it comes to supporting users, they are proactive rather than reactive. With your agents installed they monitor your devices and automate fixes with immediate effect. Choosing the right server can be a challenge, do I need a dedicated or virtual private server, or do I host with Microsoft, AWS or a third party. They can help with impartial advice.


In recent times it was important for users to be able to work from anywhere. The cloud made this easy. Imagine the cost of hardware needed to enable your workforce access to on-premise data. The cloud has this built-in with additional controls of who, when and where the data can be accessed from. Finding the right domain name for a company is important and choosing the right extensions, as much so. They can discuss your options and advise.

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